Los Angeles accountability partner search

Whatís up guys. My nameís Zack. Iím 19, and I live in West Hollywood. Iím looking for an accountability partner. Iím just at the beginning of my journey of social and seduction mastery and this chapter of transformation of my life, and Iím looking for some regular social support in the form of an accountability partner.

What Iím looking for is another dude with a good attitude and positive personality to swap a daily phone call or email update on each otherís goals, to keep accountability, momentum, and support up. If youíre interested, you and I will send each other an email with our pick up goals, or life goals, and maybe some deadlines for when we want to have a certain amount of work done with them. I understand people can be busy. This would be designed to be helpful, so it wouldnít make sense if this was something involved and time draining everyday. It would be something around only five minutes on the phone, or a quick email blast of a few sentences. We can negotiate how much time we spend, or in what form the updates take. We can also talk about meeting in person on a regular basis. The point Iím trying to make is that this arrangement is meant to serve us both. I want support and encouragement with my goals, you want support and encouragement with your goals,

If youíve got some goals or journey youíre on that you want a supportive and friendly voice rooting you on every morning with, contact me and letís get this started.