My take on Social Circle game and time investment..Social Circle Mastery DVD
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    My take on Social Circle game and time investment..Social Circle Mastery DVD

    Ive just finished watching the Social Circle Mastery DVD and I had a few questions and objections.

    Im 25 and I work 60 hour weeks out of choice to establish a successful business. That leaves little time after work when I get home about 8 pm to do anything after as I am tired.

    However I give myself one day a week to go out and have fun which are saturdays.

    Now the take home message of the social circle mastery is to meet connectors that have connections to girls that you will eventually meet once you are on a certain level with those connectors.

    That the introductions you get from the connectors will be a lot better than cold approaches. Which I fully agree with.

    Now I looked at my life and who I am as a person and analyzed that building this social circle filled with many connectors or quality connectors will take TOO much time.

    First of all lets say that I'm gunning for the type of connector that has many girls in his life, he has an active social life filled with women that come and go. The benefit of being connected to this guy is that he doesn't know just one or two women, and that means if you fuck up or get rejected by one women he can always invite you out to a party with many other women being there.

    However a connector that has that many women flowing through this life is high value and are rather rare and require that in order to not be a taker but a giver that you provide value to them in some way.

    I have no women in my life that I could connect them too, nor do I have anything that is looked upon as value in the sense of the social norms. All I do have going for me is my ability to give people good emotions.

    Now what I could do is instead focus on guys who are average who are more like me and know a few girls and form connections with them. However that means investing time to form friendships with them so that I can be close enough to be brought into their group and introduced to the girls they know. By know you can say that at least a good three to four months have been invested.

    Now suppose you don't hit it off with the girl your connector brings to the table and aside from the connector being a cool guy and wanting him in your life, you will have to spend more time to meet connectors to meet girls.


    The problem for me with high value connectors is that I don't have enough high value to offer in return and a place to meet them even.

    The problem with average connectors is that it takes a good three four months or even longer to create that friendship and then meet their extended group and the girls they know and if things don't work out or the girls are not attractive you are back at ground zero. Requiring more time.

    My solution to my problem seems to be that I need to do more event based things like hiking groups or conferences about certain things that make it a tad easier than cold approaches and more time efficient than social circle game.

    What do you guys think?

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    The DVD

    I also have bought this program. I really liked it. Changed the way I thought about it.

    You mention meeting someone who has connections and you specifically used (he).
    I disagree with this. I have formed multiple connectors with different social circles, and usually the connectors are girls that text too much, and are flakey.

    Also, you not having enough value is a CONFIDENCE issue with yourself.
    The connectors I know just like to have fun, are chatty, and like to have good emotions. You said you could do that, that sounds high enough value to have them invite you.
    Like I said most connectors that I have found are women.
    In fact, you may already have these types of people in your life due to your business.
    Just look around

    Good Luck!

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    Also remember that you don't necessarily need a "Social Connector" can also use the "Gatekeeper" Theory and go in that way. I'm doing that tonight as a matter of fact. An attractive girl with a shit-ton of connections with other girls (and who has a badass Social Circle), her and me are going out tonight to hit some lounges and chat and what not. Just hang. She's major flirty, is a pro at texting lol, and is just an overall cool girl. I'm not planning on closing with this girl because I'll have the option down the road to be introduced to even more women. That's the whole point of Social Circle Mastery. So I'm getting sticky with her now.....for more opportunities later

    And if all you have to offer is good emotions....then that's cool! There are a ton of people out there who can't provide anything at all! I have some girl-friends in Cali (I'm from MN), who fly me out there for the big dates (4th of July, New Years, B-Day parties etc), all because I give them good emotions and good times. I obviously don't have anything to offer them in the immediate sense because I don't live there (provide, etc). Its more than possible dude. Just re-frame it. My best "Ultimate Connector" is a 29 yr old woman who knows absolutely everyone, and she has Social Circles in every state besides Rhode Island haha! This girl is a machine! Keep truckin' man. Good emotions are what people want, dudes or girls.

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