What is the Rugged Entrepreneur
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  1. What is the Rugged Entrepreneur

    I've heard more than one LS instructor talk about the "rugged entrepreneur" when it comes to fashion. What exactly is that look? How would a rugged entrepreneur dress?

    Instructors? Anyone?

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    Good question. Looking forward to some answers.

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    Also in for answers.. I am an entreprenuer myself so I'd love to hear more

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    Versatile wear. Something you could go to a lunch meeting then go hiking in and go to a club. Not constrained to social norms but not total outcast. Clothes that show you feel comfortable in a suit but only wear one when you feel like it. That you don't follow a "Dress Code" . Basically clothes that will get an employee sent home, but if you see someone in there wearing it you know they own the place

    For instance Jeans, untucked button-down shirt w/cufflinks , t-shirt , dress-shoes(or I'd wear Vibrams) maybe a sport jacket.

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    Post some pics potentially?

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    That's what I could find to give you a quick idea.

  7. I would copy the style of this guy, Arpad Busson:

    He's dated both Uma Thurman and Elle Macpherson (with whom he had two kids). He's never married. Can't get much better than that.

  8. grellopc pictures:
    * First guy has nasty white shoes, and a slacker look
    * Second guy looks alpha but a bit cheesy, cheap ring, cheap jacket (better not tell me it's Mark Zuckerberg or someone)
    * Third guy looks like the IT guy, badly fitted jeans, cheap shirt, no belt and bad hair
    * Fourth guy looks good except for that hole in his jeans

  9. YEah those first three guys definitely look horrible. Avoid looking try hard. To me, collared shirts with sweaters over them looks ultra-gay. So does a white collared shirt with a black blazer. And those jeans on the comedian are dumb.
    Here are my ideas for myself:

    Simple dress shoes or all black lo-top air force ones
    Solid colored, blank jeans (preferably black, brown, gray)
    Blank t-shirts (long sleeve as well as short sleeve)
    Black zip-up jacket
    Simple earings
    Need to paint my fingernails black (something kind of outkastish as mentioned above)

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    I can think of one guy right away.

    You see guys like that everywhere in LA, wearing plain t shirt, casual blazer, designer jeans and canvas shoes.
    It should be better for him since he will come off as 'humble rich guy'

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