Close but no cigar

Ok guys, i guess this is like my 3rd major field report and also the third one where ive nearly f-closed but something's gone wrong. I'll start off with a bit of background. I was out sarging saturday night with about 5 guys. I started off by myself in this bar which ive picked out as being one where all the sluts are called bulushi's. I remember trying to walk through the dance floor and it was packed so to get to the bar i just pushed some chick out of the way who was dancing. She looks up and says "say excuse me..use manners". So im like "alright, sorry". So on the way back out i touch her back and say "excuse me" and then she smiles and says thanks and kisses me. I was a bit surprised but i kinda went out towards to door and her friend like grabs my crotch right where my cock is. So im like "hey, hands off the merchandise" then i leave. I wasnt really able to do anything cuze i had to meet the other guys. They all like to go to 'classy' kind of clubs. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that usually there's not as many sluts there as some of the others. Atleast they didnt go to one of those goth places.
Anyway, first place we started at i was sitting next to 2 hbs, it was too dark so i cant remember what they ranked. Asked the jealous gf opener and they got talking but couldnt really continue cuze the music was too loud. It was like 2 am and i kinda lost them, one had no credit on his mobile and i didnt really want to join back up with them. I leave and go to a place called the mustang bar by myself to scan for chix...and i see these 3 that were in the same grade as me as school. Their names were Tania, Jenny and Lisa. They werent that hot but i figured if they already knew me it might be a bit easier and wouldnt have to game as much.
Tania was really fat and dirty so i totally ignored her. Lisa and Jenny were also dirty at school, Lisa wasnt looking too bad (maybe a 5) which is like where i draw the line, so only just fuckable. Jenny would have been like a 4 or 4.5 at school but she had done a lot of work on her image so was maybe an 8. They kinda said hi. So im like 'hey whats up' and i kinda take off my jacket so my arms are showing and the work ive done at the gym isn't wasted. Lisa asks what im up to so i just give a general answer 'nothing much, just hangin round and drinking. Then i decide to use the cologne opener.
Me: Give me your opinion on something!
Lisa: ok
Me: *looks at both lisa and jenny* im wearing a different cologne on each wrist, tell me which one smells better!
Jenny: no
Lisa: ok *smells them* the one on the right.
Me: thanks..
*there's a long silence and they all look at me*
Me: ok...well...thanks for your opinion lisa...and jenny, you're a stuck up bitch and can go and fuck yourself.
*then i walk away*
I think i might have been able to get something from lisa but the other 2 would have made it awkward. I walk around and look for other targets but there's nothing much in the mustang bar. So i think..hmm...there's a lockout after 3 but some clubs dont close til 5. Where are all the sluts going to be? So i decide to go back to belushi's. The drunk guy infront of me goes straight in then the security guy asks me all these questions about whether im drunk but lets me in. I look around and there's going to start dancing cuze i just dont get the rhythm, think and calculate too much. After im starting to wonder weather there's anyone who's going to put out im down in the basement and see some chick (about a 6) and decide to open her.
Me: come here! i want to talk to you.
her: *walks over*
Me: which cologne smells better? *holds out arms*
her: *smells them* what are they?
me: the one on the left is hemlock, one of the right is lavesque.
her: one on the right
me: thanks *starts to walk away*
her: are you leaving? dont leave?
me: why not?
her: come and dance with me
me: i dont usually dance, its not my style
her: *takes my arms* ill teach you blah blah its easy blah balh
me: *dances with her a bit trying to escalate kino...soon k-closes*
*i think A3 was complete at this stage*
her: im going to buy a drink *she walks to the bar and is talking to 1 of her male friend for a bit*
*male friend (steve) comes over*
steve: have you got your own place?
me: nah...i live with my parents why?
steve: she wants you, if you can find a place, all you need to do is be nice and she's yours
me: are you sure?
steve: she's not with anyone so you're not moving in on anyone else's ground
*she comes back with a drink*
her: how old are you?
me: *decided not to make her guess cuze there wouldnt be any point*..21
her: im a lot older than you! im like way older than you. so much older!
me: *could have used style's 'get over it' technique but decided it wasnt necessary* how old are you?
her: *looks at me kind of embarrased like she doesnt want to admit*
me: i dont care...tell me
her: guess?
me: 31?
her: OMG! 31!!! i can't believe you said that. blah blah blah *makes a bit deal out of it*
me: *waits 5 minutes for her to calm down and asks what her age is*
her: not 31...i work in a stressful an office manager..thats why i look would too if you had to do as much work as i do...*goes on about her job and why it sux*
me: *figures from now on im going to try guess lower* relax...
*we start 'dancing' again and as we do and im pressing my slightly hard cock into her, she moves a hand down my jeans, under my boxers and starts pulling at it...i dont think anyone saw* Then we stop and she says 'we'll be back in 10 minutes, wait here for us. So im wondering if that's an excuse to leave or if they're actually coming back. Maybe she thought my dick was small so she wanted out. Anyway, she come back. Steve leaves but here female friend called amy or something is still there and she's with some brazilian fucker.
We decide to leave and get some coffee. So there i am with her (i dont think i remember her name but ill call her olga to make it simpler), her friend amy and the guy she's with. Olga keeps complaining that its cold...and i tell her to stop being such a little bitch.
Olga: so you live with your parents?
me: ya
O: damn! we can't go back to my place cuze my parents are there for 3 months cuze they're between moving houses.
me: well...i dont know where else we can go
her: dont know
me: what if i get a room?
her: you wont find one at this time
me: ask that guy if we can go to his place
*she asks him and he says no...he was clearly trying to hide im like...if he's going to be like that im going to amog him and get both these chix* It turns out that they know eachother through work, O was the office manager and amy was an employee. They had a few shots at each other about office politics.
Anyway, this guy wasn't hard to amog cuze they thought he was weird and yeah...he had nothing. I didnt make it too obvious what i was doing...i made subtle comments. IF i hammered him on every little thing he said wrong it'd come accross as me being insecure. This guy soon ended up leaving and i was there with 2 chix who were clearly horny.
O: we're going to the bathroom, can i trust you to leave my purse with you?
me: well..there's a number of factors you need to consider when deciding whether to trust me. you must decide my motives for going or staying. you must make an assessment of my character and you have to think about whether the risk of me running off is worth the reward.
O: now you're making me worried
me: i dont care...leave it with me if you want
*she leaves it with me and they come back a bit later...i thought this was probably a good thing cuze it would build trust*
They decide to get the train to amy's place...and she's like..oh he can come back to mine i guess. Im like fuck YEAH this is so sweet! I might actually get a 3some!!
we go and wait for the train and i sort of start doing some stuff with both of them...thinking if it does create any jealousy it can't be a bad thing. Then..out of nowhere they start being bitches to each other again. They start going on about all this stuff at work in the office. I try to get them to relax but unsuccessfully. (amy was brunette, O was blonde, i think amy was a bit younger).
O: lets go lach *takes my hand*
i didnt know what to do so i just follow her and she starts pashing me. i think she wanted to get away from her friend. then...amy changes her mind..i cant go back to her place because (some lame excuse). I didnt really know where to go from there and it was now almost 7 am and id already been awake over 24 hours so i let it go. i guess i could have easily number closed but i dont really like stopping and starting again. It was kind of like foolsmate i guess. or would have been. so my car was locked in a shopping centre car park from the night before and it didnt open til i walked to there and waited til then and drove home....ended up sleeping til like 6:30 pm sunday night.
Does anyone know how i could have closed? just not too disappointed, just trying to think of the logistics mainly, where else could you f-close? i figure if she was complaining about the cold, she wouldnt go to a park or anything.