Accidental text game Close

I have 3 Amandas in my phone. 1 of them her and I meet up once every month or so and fuck. She doesnt like strings attached but she is also a good friend of mine. So, we just fuck.

Well, I was texting one of the other 2 Amandas which I thaught was her and here is how it went down

Me: What bloodtype are you?
Her: I have no idead lol
Me: Well, let's figure out which profile fits you best n see if it matches your bloodtype...stop smiling... Are you dependable, like to be in control, will finish the task you have, stick to logic rather than emotion, and an individualist. Does that fit you?
Her: Yeah, I would say so maybe not finish the task I have...depends
Me: Are you a passionate lover who is know for their somewhat unpredictable dualistic nature: hot and cold. Life of the party or shyest person you know. Trustworthy and honest. Dislike custom and conformity?
Her: No im predictable. And im def not six
Her: Shy I mean
Me: Do you stay calm under pressure, work hard n like to keep the peace. Secretly a perfectionist n crave success. Occasionally being stubborn n overly cautious?
Her: Yes
Me: 100 percent yes?
Me: Your smiling right now
Her: Not a hundred percent. Im a mixture of all the the things you mentioned but I guess im more like the last one
Me: Then you would be bloodtype A, according to my bloodtype profiling. Also known as...The Farmer
Me: When you free next anyway?
Her: Im from a farm in (Such and such a place) and when I give blood ill ask! I have work for the next four days so after that
Me:CRAZY!!! See you Tuesday