Social Circle Mastery Question
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    Social Circle Mastery Question

    How long is each dvd? Would this be particularly useful for someone in college?

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    There are 3 DVDs altogether and in total it's about 4 hours long.

    Yes, just to name a few areas of interest for college in particular this is ideal for building social circles almost anywhere, maintaining/extending them and working on making chicks that are just platonic friends into more than that.

  3. I have SSM and it helped me cultivate my social circle tremendously. Lots of great material there and a real, thorough explanation of how to get out of the friend zone.
    Your social circle is actually the MOST important way of meeting girls when in college. Use it to your advantage.

  4. I agree with Blue Flame. I am in college and my social circle is everything. I go to a college of 8,000 or so students and reputation is everything. Cold approaches are not recommended. This product has brought me closer to taking over the social scene in my college.

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