Chatting up a Work Colleague - Turns out she has a BF?
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  1. Chatting up a Work Colleague - Turns out she has a BF?

    At work I sensed that one particular girl liked me, we had a work doo last night where alot of staff went to a bar together (very busy in there). So naturally I started chatting to her.

    I felt there was something and close to the end asked for her number. She said sure, but message me on facebook and I'll give it to you. (Alot of staff around). As we walked out she asked me to come walk her home, but then hesitated as there was so much staff around. Said again message me on facebook and lets chat more with a smile and kiss on cheek.

    EDIT: It baffeled me a bit, but ok seems it's a dead end and she has a BF, not much more I can say. Any advise thou on how to keep things smooth in case she splits u in future thou more than welcome.

    Convo on FB next day/today:

    "Hey Sherrie hope you got home safely last night! You know those menthols actually aren't too bad. Was nice seeing you down Worlds with us all xxx"

    "Yeah my other half picked me up I was fine! Yeah I had a good night hope u didn't have a bad hangover lol! Xx"
    (She sent the above, then an hour later sent it again as I had responded? A bit weird?)

    "Haha thanks the hangover wasn't too bad! Oh I didn't realize there was a Mr Elizabeth xx"

    "Lol! Yeah of course there is been together couple of years now, u were very drunk last night u were funny! X"

    My reply....?
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