I attract a lot of girls but cant hold them on. Why do they get scared?
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  1. I attract a lot of girls but cant hold them on. Why do they get scared?

    Hello Seniors,

    I am new and i am in dire need of help. It has been 3 years since my last girl ran away for some other bloke leaving me with a scar on heart that i carry forever.

    I have recently joined a new office and there are a lot of girls attracted to me. They steal glances to check me out and give all the usual give aways like playing with their hair or laughing at nothing or stealing glances.

    I approached a girl one or two times and had short conversations with her in which i made her laugh but the third time i talked to her she seemed so distant.

    Then there is this other girl who was initially attracted to me but after two rides with me on the subway metro she too seems a bit distant.

    I dont know whats the problem. Its not that i am a cocky person or a sex maniac. I am rather funny and easy on life and a lot of my colleagues adore me. I dont know what scares off these girls.

    I think maybe indian girls are too shy or i am doing something which bores them

    Please help.......

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    Maybe you are being to forward and thus came on too strong.

    Withdraw your interest abit then DHV and get some PU books so that you know what I mean.

  3. You are right, but if i dont come out, how do i get them to talk to me.

  4. first of all nothing wrong with indian girls ;-)
    Secondly avoid gaming in office bro....
    go out in the field and improve your skills via cold approach.
    one wrong move in office might be costly.

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