When should I add my ex back on facebook?
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  1. When should I add my ex back on facebook?

    We broke up a month ago; but she kept pushing and pulling me. This is a LDR, but we did meet in the summer when we hooked up and I met her last weekend on a prearranged trip. But she acted all distant, so I deleted her as a friend on facebook then ( a week ago). We seemed to have ended it finally on a good term, but I still want her back. Now I have two facebooks, and around several days after I unfriended her on one, she defriended me on the other. I know I had made a mistake of defriending her, making me appear childish and immature, but I do want the girl back. When and should I add her back on facebook?

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    The whole "I'll teach her by defriending her" is bullshit. She's got your email and your phone number. If she REALLY needs to get a hold of you (like if she's moving or you're moving, or needs to tell you a mutual friend passed), she'll find a way.

    FB is a nice "keep in touch" with who aren't close friends or fell out of touch with.

    Let her fall out of touch for the next couple of years, then if you've moved on, see if you still feel like talking to her.

    You can always use the old "whoops, didn't mean to, was trying to delete yadda yadda" excuse.

    The whole being distant thing is just that in her head, the reality wasn't as good as the fantasy, so she prob. decided to end it while she was on the trip with you.

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