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  1. POF profile


    Let me know what you think, Im thinking I need more pictures.

  2. haha got some more pictures up. let me knowwwww

  3. Don't wear hats in yours pics!

  4. #4

    Honestly, this looks like every other PUA POF profile.

    I guess it should suffice, though.

  5. Bahaha, Im balding... I dont look bad with my hat off, I just never take it off

  6. haha they are quotes from the most interesting man in the world.

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    Yes, add some more pics. Maybe of you surfing! The "About Me" section needs some personal touches. The last line is a turn off. I'd suggest changing it imply that the right woman could have a little bit of your passion. Nobody will care if you are bald if you don't.

  8. Thanks queen!

  9. suede*
    It never hurts to have pics of you doing various activities.

  10. Thanks for that spell check. It didnt look right when I typed it out. I need to snap some photos of me surfing, since thats all I pretty much do! ha

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