Nick Hoss 1 on 1 - Los Angeles - Oct 2011

It's been a year since I started this and I wanted to booster my game skills particularly daygame, so I took Nick's 1 on 1.

We worked together on Saturday and Sunday. 4 hrs on DG and 4 hrs on NG each day. For our NG, Darwin also joined us and helped me too.
Basically, I kept approaching girls and came back to him and we broke down the set and he advised me.

My accomplishment;
1. Body language; He really corrected my incorrect body language well, which I could not figure out for another year. Just simple stuff made a significant differece.
2. Tonality; I needed to use more commanding and projecting voice
3. How to converse; particularly how to relate girls to yourself talking about your emotions/experience.
4. Approaching two sets and mother/daughter set; This was something I was not comfortable with very much. He opened a new door for me.
5. For NG, I learned that I need to keep talking, transitioning, tease more and touch more.

Since then, I've noticed that I am more confident with less approach anxiety even thought I had been able to approach girls ok before. This is actually a great feeling. I used to scratch my head and asked myself why a girl just walked off after I opened the set. Now I am able to open a set better. I still need to solidify how to approach/open, but now I have check points that I can go back to and correct by myself thanks to Nick's critiquing. I'm still working on tonality. I just cannot get it right yet.

Nick is a real nice guy and I enjoyed working with him very much. He is very approachable and personable.
We got frustrated in my car stuck in the L.A. traffic on both days, but we still talked a lot in my car, which was helpful.

Thank you, Nick and I'll keep working on myself.