Me: Lots of anxiety, lots of potential.
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  1. Me: Lots of anxiety, lots of potential.

    Hey guys, I'm college scrub. I know how to tease and open, but I've had a lot of trouble with qualifying, comfort and closing. Here's me and my progress. Following Soul's approach to journal everything you do to gain progress. Well, here it goes.

  2. 10/21/11
    First day of many. Sticking points? Might as well define em up front: AA… Anxiety in general. It sucks and fucks up my delivery. When a girl drops something, say she's got BUTTERFINGERS... always try to tease. Anyways, Time to find out what annoys me, what drives me, what I want, and where I am going. First off, friendR is a cool guy, maybe one of my only friends who I might be able to rely on even though he has a drug problem. He’s cool, bought me some beer for my birthday, and we chilled for awhile. Girls have still been giving me anxiety, but journaling the good things that happen to me have really been helping. I cannot wait to get up to my friends college to have fun at a college setting, meanwhile at home I’ve realized friendP is a dick and won’t help me with shit… we’ll he hasn’t responded to that facebook message yet so whatever. I just really love girls, I REALLY cannot wait to improve my game, to give me enough confidence to approach any girl the moment I see her and just lay it out all on the table, and not care what happens. My oneitus still hurts a bit, but I’ve been working with some guys to help me get over it. It sucks, I think she’s really cute, but she’s really not that big of a deal. There’s another girl in class that I’d love to be with, direct game just screams to me when I look at her, she definitely needs my dick. I just need to focus on my positives, conversational threading, and just getting myself out there. Conversational threading is huge… If I’m sitting next to a girl, analyze her sentence that she says to you and ask about it:
    “My major is a nutrionist so I’m focusing on eating disorders, or the psychological impact of hazing into a sorority”
    Focus on her, don’t focus on negatives thoughts… so… Major, Nutrionist, sorority, hazing… These are things that can lead to MANY conversations. USE THEM ( DON’T BE LIKE ME AND NOT USE THEM!!!) USE THEM! God DAMNIT USE THEM. I was in that position and didn’t and the regret sucks. This is why I’m typing this. IM GOING TO USE THEM! But back to that cute girl… I’ll have to work on logistics because she’s fast when getting outta class! As I sip this yuengling all by my lonesome, I start on a journey that is going to be hard, I’m going to feel like shit, ruminate on bad things, have set backs, and really bad days, but eventually, thing’s will get better. I’ve gotta keep my grades up and study some material I need to know to better myself. Gotta work out too. Let’s do this.

    What I read today: (journaling your positives... It's incredible.)

    edit: Man, i'm all over the place in this post. Next one will be better.

  3. Haven't posted in awhile and I've gotta run soon, so here's a quick breakdown:

    - Asked 5 girls what time it was, to get more comfortable talking to people during the day. ( Soul's Day game for newbies: )
    - Started making light conversation with anyone in my college classes, just for the sake of talking and being social.
    - Went to a high-energy concert, danced with a girl, had a blast.
    - Dropped a couple facebook messages to girls I use to flirt with in High School, one flaked, a couple have responded decently to some teasing messages/qualification.
    - When I catch myself feeling sad about a rejection, I re-frame it, and turn it into, "What can i learn from this situation?" Still forget to do this time to time, takes practice!


    Going out just doing every day things, never put yourself in the mind set to "open sets" or "sarge" just say: i'm a good looking, awesome guy. Women love having me around them, because I can always make them laugh. Everything I say will be on point and smooth... because that's just me.

    Number closed a girl at the super-market, and then ran into an old friend, proceeded to bust this chicks balls at her work, (old flirt from high school, small town )
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  4. Girl I number closed is constantly texting me, asking me questions, invited me out to a concert with her, wants to find another way to hang out with me, when she was only practice!

    Feels great, hope to approach more girls tomorrow, 5 more girls, going to ask her where the best food at school is. Cannot believe small goals have been accomplished when I thought I was done for.

  5. Felt shitty today, dressed for the fall and it turned out to be 70 degrees out, my balls have never sweat so hard.

    Didn't approach, feeling bad, no school tomorrow and I don't like doing cold approaches in my small suburban town, it's just awkward if a friend of a friend tells you some guy went up and told them how beautiful they looked when I was a dork in High School, lol. Maybe go out to the city and try, but I've got a lot of school work to catch up on to build up my inner confidence, so Friday it is.

    Having trouble with one girl in particular, if you're reading this, you can check it out here:

  6. #6

    You can get over AA, it gets easier the more you do it.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Grimbo View Post
    You can get over AA, it gets easier the more you do it.
    True that, I listened to the Approach Anxiety Interview w/ Future and Calabrese (sp?). It's really just putting your one foot forward, I've just gotta get that foot to move.

    edit: just came back from a gas station, over heard the guy get the girl working there's number. didn't hear any of his line though. Was interesting though, the moment I noticed what he was doing, I wanted to get her number, but I was covered in sweat from the gym. Next time. next time..
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  8. Thought I'd post something here thats been bothering me, so posting/writing about it should help me out a lot:

    A big problem I have with girls is not escalating/being needy. This will usually only happen to one girl (oneitus!) yet, other girls my game will actually improve, because my balls want the one girl who I built up to be the perfect girl, when in reality you look back at what you thought was so great about her and think, wow, if my friends could read my mind, they'd beat my ass.

    To all my past failures, i'm sorry, but I should've talked to you more, (I didn't even introduce myself before I got this one girls number...), gotten your number faster, texted less, teased more, called to tell you to come along with me to x location, been more touchy with you, and been more scarce, I know your loins would be warmer for me If I didn't give you instant replies via text, I shouldn't have built you up to be the perfect girl because then my true self won't come out around you, aka been less needy. I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. I should've been more flirty/fun with you, because it's ALWAYS ON! I should've realized a setback means nothing, and to never give up (unless she says fuck off! ) I should've treated you for what you are. Just another girl in the sea of billions.

    To all my future girls, i'm going to introduce myself, talk smooth, get your number, text you less, but tease you more. When I invite you out, it's going to be on point and where I want to go, I'm going to kino like a master, be more scarce to turn you on, I'm going to keep you guessing on my text messages and treat you for who you are, you. I'm going to be 100% myself and confident. Neediness is a trait that I do not have. instead of throwing eggs, I plant seeds everywhere. I'm the flirty-est/funnest guy in the world. I hit on every girl, because girls want to get picked up, and they'd be lucky to have me. I'm a pimp, i never give up. Im a gem in a sea of billions.

    I know, to find my perfect girl, I'm going to have to date a lot of women, so why get caught up on one when I'm so young and there's so many out there?

  9. today went great.

    "that one special girl":
    She told me she had a boyfriend, I didn't say anything.. I flirted a bit, and then she said she broke up with him. Lights went green in my head, thats why shes been acting odd maybe these past few weeks. It was on.

    I teased her so much that class, and she laughed everytime. The ones I felt I went too far on i'd smile, and she'd laugh. It felt great, it was working. I wrote little things on her papers so if she reviews her notes later she'll be reminded of me. She started putting deodorant on in class, and I said ohh... so thats what smelled so bad, and she turned red and started laughing. It was great!

    I also DHV'd in class today by telling her I was in a highschool frat, how that was, and how the hazing was, she said I was crazy, and by raising my hand to answer every question... props to the teacher for saying "who's brave enough to answer this question" makes me look more hardened. haha. Not to mention everytime I answered a question the cute italian girl who usually sits a seat or 2 ahead of me would look bac at me... but that's a 2nd seed i want to plant, but she's so fast going out of class, i can't catch her even if I ran, i swear.

    back to the "special girl" After class I said i'm walking with you to your next class, she said, no you're not, so i said, yeah i know, ill just pretend i am and she laughed. As we were walking out some other guy started talking to her about her coat, when he stopped, i walked into her/bumped into her and said ohhh is that your boyfriend? and she just laughed, and said noooo. I then told her how she was wasting my precious time, I've got places to be and you're making me chase you outta class? and she was like ohhh, you're such a whiner! and then i did the 4th grade way of just taking their diss and putting it back on them by calling her a whiner and playfully hitting her with my coat. right when we split ways i told her " DONT text me!" and she laughed. and that was it.

    I just want to plant more seeds so if this back fires, I won't be crushed. But even when she told me she had a boyfriend, I didn't feel anything, so I think my mindset is slowly getting a lot better. Not to mention I still have that one average girl texting me, which from what my buddies say, compensates for that by being good at givin head.

    Great progress day. Plan on asking the one girl from class to meet me for studying/coffee at DD.
    Also, i number closed an old girl from high school on facebook. and flirted with every cashier i saw today that was cute.
    Nothing like buying beer and telling the girl it's a fake-id. hahaha.

    Again... Great fucking day.
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  10. So last night was interesting.

    I had a few beers at home because my pops actually brought over a 12 pack to celebrate me getting a 98 on my final paper (yea, im 21, i live with my parents because im broke and my dad buys me beer if I do well on shit. laugh at me all you want)

    So after 2 beers, "average-girl" texts me and tells me to come over. This girls great at giving head so i hear, so i'm like, shit, another present!

    I wait until my pops leaves, and my sister goes to bed, i start up my car and goto drive there, and my sister calls, livid, furious. Fuck. I tell her honestly what i'm doing and she's pissed. she calls my mom and dad. cock blocked by my own family. Awkwardness ensues. I end up having to come home or be executed by my overprotective mother.

    I know I know, drinking and driving is stupid, but I only had 2 beers... Whatever, this'll make her want me more :P day

    Off to class.

    got to class. average-girl is now known as slerpa-derp. because thats an awesome nickname.

    "That one girl" is still being chatty with me, but she flakes like a bitch. I called her out on her flaking, and she said " I wouldve called you back, try to live my life, it's so hectic" I said, no thanks with a shit eating grin... man... I texted her once before, She doesn't even acknowledge it... yet she'll text in class, but wont return the one text I sent her! I've asked countless people on this forum for advice on her, and they say stick it out. I mean, i'll be friendly with her, but after this semester, I don't want to see her again. I put her up on a pedastal and it fucked my game up, real bad. Not to mention this girl gave me her number when she had a BF, yet flakes. Mixed signals, ugh.

    Anyways in class, it was great, was texxting 2 buddies of mine who are coming home soon, and slerpa-derp. "That one girl" kept trying to look at my phone, but I didn't really acknowledge it. Mentally, for me, I think I need to move on from her. Not keep her on the back burner.
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