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    Hey guys,

    This girl I am attracted to is the daughter of a family friend. So I would see her once in a while during special occasions when our parents would get together. Typically, I would not say too much to her and she would not make much conversation with me too. Just thought she is not interested.

    Recently I went to a friend's birthday dinner. There where a lot of people there and she was invited too. I was kind oF surprised but didn't make a big deal of it. It was a big table but she sat beside me. Didn't think much of it. We made casual conversation. We had a running joke that night about how we both thought the guy across from us was being a douche. The food came and she shared some of her food (she also shared with her other friend too). She wanted to try mine even though her friend had the same.

    Later, She later asked for my number first. (I didn't think much of that too) At the end, she even gaave me a candy from the bowl at the front entrance when everyone left.

    Two days later I texted her to ask how the rest of the night was because I went home, the rest went to the club. I ended the text conversation by telling her if she is around my workplace, to let me know. (she sometimes works in different offices)

    What do you guys think about is situation? I want to started dating this girl but it might be strange if it doesn't work out and our parents have a get together, then I have to see her again.


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    Only you can make the call if she's worth the risk of the potential awkwardness if things end up going bad. Since she's in your social circle, you might want to take less risks during the courtship than a girl who isn't. Being completely straightforward about weather you plan on being exclusive or not is a good way to avoid any landmines that this situation could present.
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