I Want To Steal This Guys Girl For The Right Reasons. Please Help

One-itis whatever you want to call it. I don't care. Please don't comment or give advice about me having one-itis and moving on. I don't follow any rules you guys want to worship. Worry about yourself not me. Just need some good advice.
This girl and I had a on and off thing. I was too AFC to make progress.
We both went our separate ways and cut off contact for more than a month.
I still like her. She just recently got into a relationship with this other guy.
I want to make her mine. This is all for the right reasons. I don't want to toot it and boot it. NO. I want to ask her out for some coffe and then unleash my new improved me
on her. Any advice for this? Should I kino her alot or a little? How many times should I hang out with her to finally steal her? I don't wanna kiss close on the first day cause I don't want her crying to her boyfriend that she cheated. I wanna play it safe with patience. Thank you