Girl has BF, wants to meet up

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  1. Girl has BF, wants to meet up

    Aight, here's my story.

    I've known this girl online for a few months now. We met through an online game. At one point, a couple of months ago, she was in the town were I live and sent me a bunch of messages asking me if I was around. Fate was cruel, and I didn't notice the messages untill she had left. We agreed to meet up for drinks next time she was in town.

    Since then, things cooled down between us. We still talked a lot, but in an indirect way through a forum we both frequent. And she doesn't seem quite as into me as she did previously.

    Maybe I was imagining things, but I decided to take drastic action:

    Me: When are you next in Sheffield? I want to get you drunk, take you back to my place, and make sure you get a good night's sleep.
    Her: Hahaha. I don't yet know when but will let you know.
    Me: Cool story bro. Better tell me before the 25th though, I got a busy schedule after that.

    No reply for 5 days. Then, suddenly:
    Her: I'm coming to Sheffield next Friday. I'm busy in the evening as it's mine and my BF's anniversary, but we could meet up briefly during the day for pub or something?

    I'm not sure how to take this.
    Is she trying to tell me that she's put me in the friend zone?
    Or should I take it as a good sign that she's willing to meet up on her anniversary?
    Or has she simply put up a "hoop" for me to jump through, and is waiting to see if I accept playing second fiddle to her "BF"?

  2. Take her for a drink, then say you're busy yourself but she should pop back to yours before going out that night?

  3. Alrighty then.

    I'm just worried that this is some sort of test she's set up for me. Waiting for 5 days before replying makes me a little bit suspicious. On the other hand, she really does have a BF because she has mentioned him before - not to me, but to others on the forum.

    I'm thinking of being evil and using these:

    I wouldn't normally use tactics like those, but I really do like this girl a lot. Don't judge me!

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