When to fight and when to next?

Hey all,

So, I'm having trouble sorting this thing out. I was dating this girl which has loads of attraction for me but has a boyfriend (who is, actually, abroad).
I really want to make the story short: we got to bed together and almost had sex but had a severe LMR (actually described here at length). We slept together and the next day we parted on the premise of it being a goodbye. I was cool and aloof.

She contacted me the same night alluding to a date, I accepted the hint and set things out. We had a very long night — from 20.30 to 5.00 AM. During the date there was a lot of sexual tension, and push-pulls, and freeze-outs, and I was thinking for most of the time like: « Ok babe, it's your last chance; get it or I'm gonna next you real hard… »

We went to her place and we again almost had sex, but again I got LMR which I couldn't break.
At some point she was all like: « I think you should go », but if I went away, I could feel her strong grasp, if I tried to break LMR I would get a freeze-out.
So, at some point I just thought I wasn't going to be played with like this, so I told her: « Ok, cool: if you can't do that, I will. Goodbye » I got up, took my stuff, and started going away.
She stopped me after a while by taking me. I watched her, kissed her, but when I saw some resistance even to the kiss. I pulled back and went away.

Though it was rather emotionally taxing, while going back home at 9.00 AM I was thinking that was it, and I was going to next her.
Now, after some sleep over that, I'm not sure this is the best decision.

Should I really next her or should I fight for her?
Should I go to her and tell her that I won't give up on her (or just act like so)?
What do you guys think she wants? She has obviously tons of attraction for me and really wanted to fuck hard, and also has some kind of not-so-satisfying relationship with this guy who sounds somewhat beta.
Does she just want me to take control of it and take what I want? Does she want me to crush all her inibitions and taboos? Does she want to feel some kind of emotional investment from my part (doesn't want to leave her 1.5yr BF for a guy who isn't emotionally investing enough?)?

Eager to hear your opinions,