I Wanted girl translated in shanghai
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    I Wanted girl translated in shanghai

    Wanted girl translated
    I will be visiting China, especially Shanghai and some nearby cities, and for some business
    I want a girl friend and translator of the English language China
    A useful life between 20 to 30 years
    Will visit between October 27 to November 10
    Total days 15 days
    Will be housing, eating, transfers to my account
    And have a rewarding bonus
    I hope to find in themselves the ability to send me email

    [email deleted]
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    Wanted girl who likes beejing
    I will not be traveling but I like the beej
    If you do not speak English that is OK because I do not to talk with you
    I prefer useful mammaries between C cup and D cup
    I total reward for me and parrot
    Please to email vapor@yougottabefuckingkiddingme.com

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