Downtown/Hollywood/Santa Monica WINGZ
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    Downtown/Hollywood/Santa Monica WINGZ

    Looking for some goal oriented(not just PU) Wingz to practice "skillset" and help each other to get better. Someone whos Positive, loves hanging out with girls and likes to Have Fun. I say i'm at a intermediate level. I'm 25 and I usually go to Asian clubs, but it doesnt matter to me where we go. Read Bullet. RM, Audio Series and all that good stuff. PM contact info if interested

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    If you need a wing let me know

    I'm always going out to those areas and I am looking for good wingmen who don't have anxiety approach and won't cockblock. I consider myself at the intermediate level also. I am Asian (filipino) and am down to go to Asian clubs. I have style and am a decent dancer, so hit me up if you need another wing!

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