Where is everyone?
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  1. Where is everyone?

    Hey guys,
    Just signed up to the forums. Where is everyone in Perth? And more importantly, where are the decent places to run game, because I've lived here two years now and have yet to find a single decent venue that I would want to go back to!

    Perth girls seem pretty community savvy too. Got totally busted running TD's finger length routine from the routines manual. Great lesson learned, develop your own material! Just like stand-up!

    Who would be up for an Inner Game workshop, if not here in Perth then at least in Australia? After listening to the interview I emailed Mr M to see if the boys had plans to bring it down under in 2012. In fairness to the guy, he got straight back saying he was thinking of running a workshop around Christmas in Oz. I reckon the more people who email them the more likely it will happen, sooner rather than later.

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    Jut signed up few days ago.Do the Inner Game workshop over Skype. As for places to practice, Perth City or Metros pretty good for the Day. As for the Night, I'haven't got much experience.

  3. Good call on the skype workshop. Have you done a bootcamp yet? Was looking at either Singapore or Hong Kong mid 2012. Not keen to do one here in Perth, as much as I love the city for the beaches and the weather, the nightlife sucks..

  4. I'm here for a few weeks... So far, I've found a couple of bars that are ok. But, ended up in a horrid jazz bar the other night - game over.
    That said, day game is getting a good airing

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    True man the night is shit in Perth. That s why I prefer daytime approaches. Perth is too small for daygame too. I mean, I go to Perth city to run daytime approaches , and their not enough good-looking women so I have to hit on retail clerks.

  6. Also bros. no idea what level you're at, but AVOID game material. It's a really well known book/concept over here.
    Do not use anything remotely canned, or you'll get busted.

    I have a fair few friends out here, who give me the background to the place, and it has commonly come up (Enough folk tales etc). In any case, keep to your own material and ideas etc.
    The patterns work, obviously, but you cannot use anything remotely 'game sounding'

    Heading into the main city the next few nights... Will keep you posted

  7. Yeah, found that out the hard way Maverick. Tried jealous g/f a few times from straight out the book, worked a couple of times as an opener but got called hard on it at Tiger Lil's on Murray St earlier this year! Also got called out on the finger length routine form the Routine Manual 1.

    Plenty of stuff out there and like you say, developing your own material is the way forward.

  8. Fellas try the hippe club on a saturday night. make sure u get there about 9ish just after it first opens cos it gets super busy later on. Pretty much every weekend there is a hens night or a birthday on there wich brings in heaps of trim.
    You gotta get into it early cos by about midnight all the birds will dissaper and there will just seem to be guys everywhere.
    Dont go doing "the cube", girlfriends or any other well known routine's cos ull get burned. Going original and cockfunny is probly the best shot.
    ...and if there is a hens night there..win the bride over.

  9. Cheers for the tips bros

    Yeah, all my social circle female friends over here are very wise to the game.
    Do they get taught this in school?!

    Also, great advice about cocky funny. These girls are literaly going to eat you alive if you show a moment of weakness or hesitation... i'm loving the shit tests

    Heading to subiaco area tonight, i think

  10. yeh good luck mav,
    throw a flat game n let us know how it goes


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