Callin anyone around Dallas area who wants to sarge :D
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  1. Callin anyone around Dallas area who wants to sarge :D

    Just like the title says
    Just trying to find some like minded peoples who would wanna get together for a lil sarge time.
    Was working a ton up until recently, so I was restricted to sarging at night only (clubs, bars, and of course strip clubs lol )
    But I got some free time now so id be up for some day gaming as well as some night or hired guns stuff...
    Anything really...
    Ive got a couple really good spots for gaming that we could hit up, or whatevers clever it dont really matter much to me...
    If it matters im probly intermediate level in game, but iv always been kimda good with chicks
    Down to meet up I love meetin new people, and it would be cool to maybe help somebody out wit there gaming skills, as well I always learn new stuff even from the newer newbish folk too!

    Well get at me im free alot so lets go get some fuckin poontang ladies! Lol

  2. i'm down.

    I am from Little Rock but my work schedule changes in a couple weeks where I am off friday saturday sunday. My sister lives in Dallas so I wanna come down and hang with her one weekend soon, and probabaly one weekend per month.

    I'm looking for a good wing in the Dallas area. I wanna get to know you a little bit first.

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