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    I know plenty of my natural friends who comment on girls pics saying "hot" or simple shit like that.

    I want to know, because half the people I ask say don't comment on her pictures cause you just come off as a horny guy like everyone else and the other half says you can't comment on her looks.

    I know that the whole "Never" compliment girls is pretty much outdated if you do direct game and have confidence, but is it cool to do that on a fb photo (since body language and tonality and confidence isn't a factor).

    I mean on one hand it's not a big deal, not looking to get laid by this girl, I just wanna straight up say like, "this is cute/hot" whatever, but if I decided to pursue her I don't want it to hurt my chances. Any advice?

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    Let me also add that not a lot of guys do come out and say forward stuff like "Damn, sexy." It's much more common on FB than in real life but it's still not common so wouldn't doing that set you apart as less scared of what she thinks of you? I mean sure you'd like to think, "Yea I'll show her I won't comment on her" but in reality a lot of guys are doing that. Wouldn't it be better to just do it, say you didn't have the opportunity to meet her in person yet or something.

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    I don't like commenting on girls pics. Everytime I see a dude do it, it just seems so... idk try hard/douchey. And I hardly ever see a girl really indulge into a conversation because of it. Maybe a thanks every once in a while. Honestly I vote against it. Besides some of those they're just doing it for attention and if you feed into that it just wont work in your favor. Now, if there's someway you can mess with her or pick on her or whatever about the pic, THAT will work. At that point you're being fun and not like every other douche. And you're really not scared of what she says or thinks. Telling her she's hot doesn't sound risky at all. Now if you're going to tease though make sure its well calibrated lol before you just come off as an asshole

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    In a more rare case I think it helped me because she thought I was not interested. I also did not just print "hawt" I made a real comment that her other friends liked. she started chasing me and stalking my posts.

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    Please don't do that. It's extremely desperate looking and most of the guys I see doing it to my friend's pictures are quite frankly pathetic.

  6. The question is not if you should or shouldn't post comments like "sexy" or "Hot!" What you really need to be aware of here is if you have the
    personality to pull it off. If you have a reputation of being a nerd then yes, it would inevitably come off as needy and girls would just ignore you and go away. But on the other hand,
    if you posses a relatively high status within your social circle, then you could get away with pretty much everything. I personally love doing stuff like that. This chick I met at a house
    party last month posted a really hot picture and I wrote " I wanna fuck you badly.." people know me for not giving a shit about anything and I can get away with saying that...

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    I never comment on a girls pic unless is sarcasim, thats it...So many dudes, like a girls pic, or feel the need to comment on every effin status they post on FB..My logic is if you have that much time to go on FB an do all that, then you either dont have a day job or just a really lame one. Douches do this kind of stuff.

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