Confused- Advice Needed
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    Confused- Advice Needed

    Hi, I'm new here and I am just looking for a little bit of advice.

    Right, some background first. I used to work with this girl until recently. We used to get along great, used to go for lunch and breaks together. When she left we kept in contact. Text eachother often, she would always text back.

    Recently she text me saying she missed me and asked when I was free to meet up. I text back saying what days I was free and when would be best for her. I got a response like a day later and she suggested a day. We loosely arranged to meet on Wednesday. So I text on the Monday to she if she wad still on for Wed and with the aim of arranging a time to meet. However I have had no repose as of yet and it's now Thursday. I can't quite work out why she didn't respond. I mean I don't know if she's into me or not or if she's just messing around because she did flirt with me at work, but I'd still like to meet up as just
    friends regardless. Hmmmm...

  2. She might have been hesitant or unsure. Could just have been busy.

    Asking 3 days in advance to make sure, might have been a sign of weakness you displayed? If that makes sense.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jonny5252 View Post
    I text back saying what days I was free and when would be best for her. I got a response like a day later and she suggested a day.
    Ok on a different note. Never allow her to suggest a date for you. You tell her that you want to go on so and so date and then ask her whether she is fine on this day.

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    OK so this was a test to see if you're in the hopper for this chick and you totally fell for it. When she texted you out of the blue, you should have played it a little cooler than being totally turned on and fully charged up. When I get an out of the blue text from a bird, I normally don't respond for a day so they're thinking why isn't he responding to me?

    But that's done. What I think you should do now is wait for her to text you back then DO NOT text her back for 24 hours minimum. And when you do say, what happen with you on xxxx day? Don't make a big production out of it and don't express any emotion in it just let her know that you do not suffer flakes well.

    So bottom line you need to let her chase you a bit more before you start reeling her in.

    That's just my opinion bro

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    Thanks for the replies.

    How long do you think I should wait for her to respond then? It almost feels like she never will.

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    If she doesn't text you back then it was a shit test and you failed. Great! Whatever. Move on to the next one.

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    Well say if she doesn't text by Monday there must be something I could text her to try and initiate contact again. I almost want to get it back to the stage we were at before we arranged to meet up, and build it back up from there. I just don't want to come across weak or needy.

    Anyway, if she really isn't interested I would like to keep in contact as just friends.

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    Please take these guys words when they say let her text you back!! The moment you text a flake you seem desperate!! I know it's hard, but you need to focus on building a reservoir of women!

  9. An extra caution - give her a chance to set the record straight too. Playing it cool is essential. I've heard of guys trying to find out immediately and showing that they're not happy immediately, only to find there's a serious reason she's not been in touch (i.e., bereavement, illness etc). Chances are she'll have some lame excuse, in which case proceed as the others suggest.... But, dont rush in (in all cases).

    also, the still wanting to be friends thing - to be honest, i'd be a bit annoyed if a friend just ditched me (for no reason) on a meeting ... the fact you still value that with her, shows your investment and interest in her... which she'll pick up on too. Play it calmer - she showed interest first, let her keep showing it.

  10. Thanks again for the replies. I'll guess I'll wait for her to respond before I do anything.

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