How to start your own social circle?
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    How to start your own social circle?

    Hey dudes, im new here so

    I'm 19, a student and considered myself pretty good in social skills. I am also decent looking (rate myself about 7/10) and feel rather confident about myself.

    The main problem i have right now is that I feel my social circle is too small and restricted. I have my own guy-friends that i hang out with and we are basically a very alpha-male driven group. However, I felt that the lack of girls in my social group in proving to be costly in terms of getting some ass. I know that by having girls around, it will DHV of yourself and make yourself look good when girls look at you.

    So how do I expand this social circle of mine without abandoning it? Please keep in mind that the guys and I are not really much of a party-goer, we strictly don't do clubs (don't ask why) and such. However, we are more of the 'rock-gigs' people and we are pretty much loud and crazy when we hang out.

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    Start talking to new people and pick up a new hobby or two that you've always wanted to do, outside your social circle. You're bound to meet new people, have new things to talk about and so on..

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