OH YEAH - LA Wing resume
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    OH YEAH - LA Wing resume

    I'm interested in connecting with others who are interested in game, and down to sarge.

    I am new to this community but have put in the study, and want to connect with other guys who speak my language. Here's some cool info about me

    Age: 25
    Ethnicity: White

    Appearance is important with who I will wing with, so I'll trade pics if contacted.

    PUA Material consumed:

    Beyond Words DVD
    60% of Magic Bullets v2
    75% of Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2
    60% of 'The Game'
    I've seen all of 'the keys to vip'
    15 hours of LoveSystems lecture series
    VH1 PickUpArtist both seasons

    (still learning, this is just to give you an idea of where i'm at)

    Tool belt:

    I have a material list on my phone with openers & dhv material. Many of my openers connect with my DHV stories

    I have several kino routines, a photo routine on my phone, and funny props like a fake ID of a black guy I use in my DHV stories & openers.

    Where I am now

    Bar/Club game I'm working at but prefer day game & online game.

    Right now a lot of my energy is going into online game that's highly influenced by Cajun...

    I'm looking for new friends who are interested in winging' sargin' and discussing game together

    PM for more info!

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    Lets do this!

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    ** Day game only for now **

    ** No Flakes Please **

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