How to make anal comfortable for her?
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  1. How to make anal comfortable for her?

    Hey guys,

    Im dating this girl and she wants anal. I dont have much experience with this so any advice is appreciated. I usually start with one finger and then two and then my dick. Everytime I put my dick in her ass she says its soo painful... I can see the pain in her face yet she lets me continue. How can I make it less painful for her?
    She doesnt seem to get much pleasure from it but lets me do it b/c I like it. Also I can Never do anal with her fast

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    Keep in mind, 90% of girls DO NOT like anal, and the pain is simply their body telling them that it is damaging them (which it is). Simply put, lay off the anal, most girls simply cannot handle it. And don't force it, as you can tramatize the area/the intimacy as they can associate sex with pain with you. She lets you do it because she cares for you, but I suggest just dropping it (don't believe what you see in porn!).

    The other 10% however, actually enjoys anal and can achieve orgasms through it. Sorry to say but your girl is not an outlier.

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    Although still considered taboo in certain parts of the world, anal sex is quickly becoming a more accepted part of people's sex lives. That said, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your backdoor fun is the best it can be, regardless of whether you're giving it to her or she's venturing into your region. Now then, here are six anal sex tips to make anal sex pleasurable and a memorable experience for the right reasons every time you engage in the deed.

    1. Be sure you really want it. It's important to decide jointly that this is something that you wish to explore with your partner.
    2. Relax. The second thing that I tell clients who ask for technique tips is to b-r-e-a-t-h-e into the experience. The anal sphincter muscles are tight bands that encircle the anal opening and control your bowel functions. If you try to penetrate them without breathing deeply, it will most likely cause you pain. In fact, I always suggest that couples insert a well-lubed fingertip first, allowing the sphincter muscles to gradually dilate to the size of the penetrating object until you are both ready for the entry of a live penis. Remember, the object is not to stretch the anal opening, but allow it to expand slowly, accommodating whatever is being inserted into it.
    3. Lube! Lube! Lube! The third key to pleasurable anal sex is using plenty of personal lubricants. If you are using latex condoms then you need to use a water-based lubricant such as Astroglide or Kama Sutra products.

    1. Don't hurry or force it. The worst action that you can take is to force entry into the rectum, which is the opening to the anal canal. Sometimes the sheer act of hurrying entry or thrusting too soon is enough to sour one's taste for anal pleasures for good. If you take your time and go slowly during penetration (after applying generous amounts of personal lube), the experience will be much more pleasurable.
    2. Don't forget about STDs. One of the most common mistakes couples can make in exploring anal sex is forgetting disease prevention. Anal sex can be a great method for sharing skin and making intimate contact without worrying about pregnancy, but being careless about disease transmission is never an acceptable alternative to healthy sexual expression. Just as with standard penis-in-vagina intercourse, you always need to use protection, such as a latex or polyurethane condom with either nonoxynol-9 in it to kill sperm and bacteria. Or if you prefer, use a nonlubricated condom without the spermicidal ingredient. (Whichever you choose, it's important to apply lubricant over the condom before you insert it.) After orgasm and ejaculation occurs, be sure to hold the base of the condom to prevent slippage or spillage.
    3. Don't ever place the penis directly from inside your anus into another part of your body. This means that if you decide that anal play is a form of pleasure that precedes oral or vaginal sex, be sure to wash the penis carefully with warm soap and water before reinserting it. The bacteria that live in the anal area can produce infection or irritation if they transfer to another part of your body, so pay extra attention to cleanliness.
    In the end, don't forget that most couples need practice when it comes to trying something new with their sexuality. If things don't work right the first time, don't get discouraged. Keep trying. Be patient and gentle with yourself and with your partner. Take your time. And above all, enjoy the fun of exploring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beginner1 View Post
    Im dating this girl and she wants anal.

    She doesnt seem to get much pleasure from it but lets me do it b/c I like it.
    You've done a complete 180 in one post. She says she wants it yet also let's you do it because you like it? Two different things. Which is it? I'm guessing the latter because if she really does want it then she'd probably enjoy it rather than complaining about pain. Unless she gets off on pain.

    Also, here's a site that should help you: Google

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    Use lube and start SLOW then work your way deeper by juging her comfort having a few drinks also lossens tension , some girls have no idea then can anal orgasm nor did i untill we shared that moment together and after that she was very open to it even after her ex made her bleed after he tried before me is some intense sex hope it works for ya .

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