Guy says this is your cock
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    Guy says this is your cock

    I was in a 2 month relationship with a man I met off craigslist. We were both married and got along great in bed but not anywhere else. When we'd have sex,sometimes he'd say "this is your cock." assume this meant I was doing something right/ felt good?

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    Its just dirty talk. It's somewhat submissive, I'll usually get the girl to say that about her pussy.

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    Agree with ^. He was being submissive, like throwing it out there for you to say something about how you wanted it or wanted him to use it.

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    Ok thanks

    Then guess it worked cause after that I told him how I wanted him to bend me over couch,fuck me hard from behind...etc. Never got the whole dominant/submissive thing but there's probably plenty of info on it out there.

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