Mini Lay Report + Field Report ...
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    Mini Lay Report + Field Report ...

    After getting home from work (Friday) I decided to go to the alcohol shop to buy some drinks for myself, for some reason it was a more of a tough day and was one of those days where 8hours seemed like 20 hour ďgod I hate themĒ.

    Once I got home I started drinking and since I get up at 4am for work every day and I hadnít had my usual nanny nap (lol) in the afternoon I got drunk pretty quickly, these days it doesnít take much to get me drunk or at very least in the tipsy zone.

    I decided to go on plenty of fish and send some messages and see what I can get away with. I was just messing about. Anyway after browsing some profiles I noticed a chick that looked real familiar and thought I knew her.

    The Message:

    Me: Hey you look real familiar for some reason do I know you?
    Her: Yeh actually we have met through such, n such Friend.

    Me: Oh! awesome howís things and what are you doing on here Ė last time we met you had a bf?
    Her: Yeh I did the last time we met, but things didnít work out.

    Me: Oh! thatís a shame you 2 made a good couple Ö
    Her: Yeh I thought so but there were complications.

    Me: I changed the topic and started gaming her straight away, by role playing her. Saying we are going to Las Vegas set up a little hotdog stand and sell hotdogs for a living and sheíll have to dress in a hotdog suit while I sit back n relax and watch the money come in.

    She loved it and I started qualifying not long afterwards, with what she does for fun, type of travelling she likes etc Ö etc.
    [*] Ended up getting her number

    Since Iíve been drinking and now in happy zone I thought Iíd call her. Now remember. Iíve been up since 4am for work, had no sleep and on 4th drink and the time is now 10pm on a Friday night Ė normally Iíd be heading out to the club or already at the club but working Saturday mourning so thought better not.

    We talked on the phone for 40 minutes this is by far the longest phone call Iíve had where both parties were talking. Nothing fancy just things like what sheís been up to and the things Iíve been up to.

    Day game

    Now I went out for a day game sarge and did 6approaches and got 1 number and 1 facebook close. But Iíll write about that down below

    The Date:

    Met up with who Iíll call HBcutie at a local pub here in Parramatta, as we met I smiled at her and said did I tell you about the 3 rules?

    Hbcutie: 3 rules?

    Me: Yeh 3 rulesÖ Go like this [raising hand in air] I then spin myself around and then
    her. Now give me a hug. Oh! and donít forget the kiss on the cheek, now you have to kiss the other cheek too because itís jealous.

    Hbcutie: Sheís loved every moment of this Kino test that I apply on all my dates now.


    We ended up playing some pool and I was teasing her saying she canít beat me and I made sure I whooped her ass almost 7zip. Teased her how women canít compete with man etcÖ etc.

    Kept up the teasing through pool and was applying Kino when ever I could.

    After finishing a game of pool, we went to the bar to get a drink and I used the bar line, who would get served first guys or girls? Ended up wining a free drink

    Sat down on a near by couch started telling stories, games and other general talk while applying Kino all in the same time Ė made sure I kept up the Kino through out, very important on dates

    After about 10min on the couch she asks what I do for a living.

    Typical chick but rather then going on about work and talking about boring shit I punish her a little bit for it.

    Me: Omg are you serious? Here go like this [raising hand]
    [I lightly slap her hand away] and say the next time you bring up a boring conversation Iíll be slapping you again, but next time will be on your ass.

    (Iíve done this b4 so I know what to expect)

    Me: Do you believe in karma?
    Her: NO

    Me: I then head into a story about why I believe in karma and she starts thinking differently and saying she had a simular situation.

    KEY NOTES = Always cut boring threads whether they are yours or hers, after cutting the thread itís important to keep the conversation going afterwards. As if nothing has happened

    I spend another 5 minutes or so b4 I attempt a kiss close.

    [I have a rule when on dates always attempt a kiss close with in the 40 minute mark on your date Ė it separates you from all the other chumps and sees where you are at in your date.]

    Me: You know what? Iíve been trying so hard not too kiss you since meeting you, and I think we are at the very least ready for an almost kiss.

    I then go into the almost kiss close technique and eventually start kissing.

    ME: I pull back first not long after our tongues click and say thatís all you get for now. Credit to who ever came up with that.

    And continue the conversation going.

    Not long after this we have some Old guy with a beer in his hand come up to us and try to talk to us and keep a conversation going. We both found this very awkward and so I whispered to her there is a nice little place we can go to and itís not too far from my place. We excuse our selves from the old fella and go to the new place.

    This place is perfect for me as its only 50meters away walking distance AWESOME!

    We spend another 30minutes or so at this place b4 I say you know what youíve been really fun, we should get going back to my place itís just over there [me pointing] and on the way Iíll play a game called the cube and once we get there you can give me a few pointers on how to improve my little place.

    She agrees. I think the key point to this is to act like nothing is going to happen and keep the conversation going at all costs.

    [Damn I love the cube]

    We eventually get into my place get each other a drink.

    Now normally Iím always trying to figure out a way to start kissing a girl and escalating a girl when back at mine and Iím trying to think of ways like the naked man from how I met your mother and other fancy plays. But!
    Ö Not this time.

    We open a bottle of Smirnoff each and take our first sip.

    As we do this I am very silent and wait for her to ask me what is up?

    Her: What?

    Very key note to this is not to say anything even after she says what. Keep eye contact smile, look down to lips back to eyes and go in for the kiss. Itís very ballsy indeed and almost always pays off.

    This works so well itís crazy. In fact Iím not 100% sure but I think I got this from Ross Jefferies Ė our very old but loveable guru Ėhaha.

    The rest is history.

    5minutes on top of her
    10 minutes with her on top
    Another 5 doing doggy

    And a very quick 3 minutes with me on top but her legs over my shoulders and I cum.

    Hope you all enjoyed it.

    Itís now a Sunday mourning and she had to leave at 7am as she has plans with family I show her back to her car and kiss her good bye. Hoping this will turn into a fuck buddy relationship but only time will tell with this one.


    After doing 5 hours of work I ended up doing day game from around 12:30pm in the city spent 2hours gaming.


    Set1: Went direct but she kept on walking and didnít stop or anything.

    Set 2 and 3 both were receptive but didnít get very far.

    Set 4: Number close HB Piano

    Excuse me. Hi. I just noticed you as I was walking by and had to come tell you [direct line] and I wanted to get your name, but. Before I do Iím curious to know what your doing out on such a beautiful day like today?

    (My day game almost always runs the same way.)

    HB Piano: Oh Iím just taking a break from all my studying Iím doing
    Me: What you studying

    Hb Piano: Engineering
    Me: Oh Ö Nice sounds you like you really enjoy it? Itís very rare to find people who actually enjoy what they are doing, most people are bored with what they are doing and donít do too much about it. Iím actually out doing blah, blah

    We talk for a little bit more and I start to qualify as I normally do.

    Fact she likes the Piano and is actually teaching Piano to little kids, likes to go out drinking on the weekend with friends, listening to music and a whole lot of other things that I wonít go into detail.

    I tell her things that I enjoy and we get into some good conversation about these talks, talk more about travelling.

    After about 10 minutes or so I go for the number.

    Me: you know what? I think youíre pretty cool and I like the fact you do Piano lessons. Iíd love to get your number Iíll add you as Cute Piano girl. And you can add me as Sexy Las Vegas boy (I told her how I plan to go to Vegas)

    She accepts and then I give her a little hug and make my way.

    Set 5: Doesnít hook at all much like first set.

    Set 6: Just got this one in time, she was just about to leave on her way home.
    Ended up getting her face book but not sure if it will go through as I kind of pushed for it.

    And there you have it.

    This has taken me an hour to write this because I had to think of the best way to do it.

    See you all on the other side.


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    AHHHHH I fuckin forgot to do the almost kiss thing with set 2 last night! It's a smooth maneuver!

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    Wow in a 2set? Now that's Ballsy... I love most of the kiss close techniques that are out there and trying to come up with my own style.

    Next time your in set talking to a girl for more then 5min I'd say ... Go for it. That's my new attitude for now on, infact It's either "Go hard or Go Home" with me.

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    No lol i meant set 2. and by set 2 i meant the only other set i kiss closed. I approached many sets that night. One outside was funny. I didnt calibrate too well and offended this girl.

    girl in 3 set: why are you wearing sunglasses
    me: because your charisma lights up the place. Its too bright!
    target: my charisma?! (face lit up)
    me: LOL NO. I was talking to your friend
    target: see attachment.

    My friend said i had already offended her by calling her a weapon of a woman. She had some definition in her arms and was self conscious about it lol.
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    hmm not sure if attached
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    those kiss techniques are sweet, i'll be sure to try next time. always make sure im the first to pull away but....also loving the 3 rules thing as the very first thing u say to a date, i find dates very awkward, but thats a perfect way to relax everyone i reckon.

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