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    The Evolution of Xstream

    I'm going to write out my progress this year to inspire, entertain, and of course to get feed back. Lets begin...

    I got into the game a few years ago. Shortly after I had an LTR for about a year. We moved into a house together last school year with a bunch of mutual friends. She decided that she didn't love me anymore in the first few days, she also decided to start bringing other guys over to fuck almost immediately. I couldn't move out for various reasons. I knew I should have picked up other girls, but I was too devastated and in an extremely dark place all that year.

    Modern Day....

    Then I pheonixed.

    I just started back at university last week. During Orientation week I bitched out and barely approached any girls. I was pissed at myself, I had been killing myself working out over the summer and looked up TONS of pickup stuff. This week... that changed. Although I haven't gotten any solid closes I've approached a bunch of hot girls that I would have been to nervous to previously.

    Most of them happened yesterday (at least the ones that I remember).

    I was at a bus stop with my buddy. We were waiting for a VERY long time for a bus, a HB 8.5 walks over and waits there. A bus says "SORRY BIS FULL" and drives past, I joke about it to her, she laughs... then leaves to go to the store nearby after a while. A small step, but enough to put me into state.

    I go to my night class, I see a cute girl sitting by herself. But the class is 80% empty at this point and I wasn't feeling confident enough at the time to just sit beside her and make my intentions obvious, so I sit in the row behind her. She's beautiful but wasn't mind-blowingly beautiful but I craved something about her. The class is 3 hours long, I didn't have a chance to talk to her.... until the prof said "break time". She sits there reading a book, I have no idea how to 'open' her, I sit there begging myself to talk to her, but I cant think of what to say, I sit there mad at myself... until I think of something on the spot. I pick up her large headphones that she placed on her table and say "I used to have these same ones"... BOOM, she turns around, eyes light up, smiling, holds strong eye contact as we start talking about random shit. I didn't # close her before the prof started talking again, but I'll see her next class and finish the deal then.

    After class I'm hungry, I go to a residence's cafeteria to get some food. It's pouring outside. There's a cute girl in line ahead of me with an umbrella. I ask her if I can use the umbrella when I walk back home. BOOM. Keeps eye contact, smiling, asks me IOI questions, etc.

    All this week I've been feeling extremely confident and I've been noticing girls checking me out A LOT. When I sat beside girls in my lectures today, they seemed excited and kept looking over at me.

    In my final class today (a small class that I always make solid jokes in) we made groups of 4 for a group project for the semester. I turn around and shout "WHO WANTS TO BE IN A GROUP!?", a HB 8 excitedly says "I DO!". BOOM! I talk her up, make her laugh a lot get her info. SO now I have 2 "projects" in 2 classes.

    What I've learned is that approaching and talking to random girls isn't scary. You just need to convince yourself to 'dive into the water' and once you do she's going to be at least friendly most of the time. Also don't just stick to one girl. I felt strong feelings towards the one from that night class with the headphones, but logically I knew not to be stupid and talk to other girls.

    Not the most exciting or impressive FR but its the beginning of something amazing, I can sense it!

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    I've been getting better... I can now open pretty much any girl whenever I want. The girl from class is smooth sailing from here, I just need to be with her in a more 'social environment' which will be soon.

    BUT... here's what happened this weekend...

    I was waiting at the bus stop of my university to go to where all the bars/clubs are downtown, I'm with my roommate and I'm COMPLETELY sober as we wait for at least half an hour. The bus finally arrives and people PILE in, it is JAMMED packed... I'm standing near the front, theres a hot girl sitting up on a ledge thing that has metal bars surround it....

    (as the bus starts to move)

    me- "trade seats with me"
    her- "haha no, you don't even have a seat"
    me- "exactly... so trade seats with me"
    her- "haha, here (makes room)"

    I hop over the bars and sit beside her, now we are semi-isolated. make her laugh, kino, some rapport... then something crazy happened, I used a joke that I used on other girls before by calling her an arbitrary name (and NOT a very common one), as soon as I said it she freaks the fuck out.

    her- "OH MY GOD!!! How did you know my name!?!? have we met before? did you see my name tag?"
    me- (should have said something more clever, bt didnt give a fuck) "I just call people random names to be an asshole"

    then she trys to guess my name, gets it wrong multiple times, so I neg her, she asks questions about me and asks if I'm going to this event thing down town...

    ... it was a sold out event that I didn't have a ticket for.... so I pulled out my phone and told her to give me her number and I'd txt her if I was going there later

    she looked excited as soon as she saw my phone come out (before I told her to give me her number), and then she put it into her phone and double checked to make sure it was her "new phone number".

    All the girls on the bus were watching me, and I could sense that everyone knew what was happening.

    I didn't get to meet up with her that night, but when I did text her she replied instantly both times.

    After bar hopping with my buddy a bit, he disappears so I go to get pizza... there's a small sketchy table in the back where I sit down, two girls walk to the back, I start talking to them

    they arent very attractive, but one of them was ok

    She asks if she can have the glowstick that I'm wearing, "4 dollars" I say, "can I just have it?" she says, "fine, 3 dollars", "no, I want it for free", "5 dollars then... because you pissed me off"...

    (note: the next night I literally sold a glow stick to some guy for $5... while I was pissing, you can't make that shit up)

    she smiles, asks me my name and other IOIs (I didn't find her to be that attractive so I didn't close her)

    Then I get back to campus, I meet a group of random people who I instantly befriend, the cute blonde girl instantly kinos me A LOT and we're walking around campus hand around each others waists not really having to game (I was EXTREMELY in state, and looking good that night, and got social proofed by her friends, so it was way too easy). We all walk back to their residence, and they all walk ahead.... AND thats when I got cock blocked and refused entry by security of the building.

    Bottom line, HUGE improvement and I had a ton of fun this weekend... after all I was literally just thinking "fun not outcome" and it works crazy well

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    Tonight I was coming down with a cold and sleep deprived but I decided to go out anyways... It wasn't a very exciting night (just hanging out with some guy friends). We went to a new club after a while and my buddy whispers in my ear "there's a girl right behind you". I look around, she's dancing on top of a table. I open. I tell her to get down off the table, she laughs, comes down, kino, leans in, BOOM. I'm solid gaming her, tons of kino, negging, rapport, framing, you name it.... we're dancing and vibing, I should have gone for a k-close, but I had to go to the bathroom, so I told her I would be back in a second.... AND when I got back another guy was hitting on her, I tried to 'out-game- him but I couldn't, she ended up going off with him.... I got defeated. Anyway, it was a good learning experience and better than staying at home, if anyone has any advice on how to deal with that type of situation please let me know.

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    This story isn't overly glorious and didn't end as well as I suspected... but for me it was a big step forwarded in a lot of ways. I was at a club with a bunch of my friends last night, it was pretty empty compared to usual due to exam season. I start talking up this cute girl and she seems interested, I start dancing with her, running my game, and most importantly just having fun. We split up for a bit, and then I see her dancing in a circle with these AFC guys (who used to be me), I can tell that they wanted her... TOO BAD, I WANTED HER... so I just lock eyes with her, her face lights up, I move through the crowd laser focused and grab her by the waist and start grinding with her again, and the gameless guys just evaporated away (it felt amazing). Shortly after this huge guy (like 6'7) comes over when I was talking to her and asks her if she wanted to dance, and she turned him down to stay with me, awesome... so after dancing with her for a while, out competing with other males, and getting lots of IOIs from her, I was ready to go for the kiss... I moved in and... BOOM, REJECTED... we kept dancing and I stayed calm on the outside but my mind was like "SHIT!!!!!!" but at the same time I didn't really care as much as I thought I would have, it was closing time and she was about to leave so I told myself "don't give a fuck" and I told her to give me her number... at this point she told me that she had a boyfriend (maybe she was telling the truth, maybe she wasn't), but I got the number anyway by not reacting to the "boyfriend line" (and yes its a real #)... bottom line is I'm finally starting to have the right mindset of taking what I want, and not giving a fuck, and just having a good time. The night didn't end in a solid close but for my journey it was a big success
    TL;DR: was dancing with and gaming a girl in a club all night, out gamed other guys for her, faced my fear of escalating, got rejected because apparently she had a boyfriend, still got a number close, didn't give a fuck, felt like I made tons of progress in the journey that night

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    Awesome journal, keep going. I like your verbal banter when confident. Try to elaborate more on the interactions in regards to body language and what you are saying to make them laugh,etc, so that people can get a better feel of who you are.

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    I've made a huge breakthrough... I go out alone at night now (which is far better than having to always rely on friends to come out). I am almost 100% over my AA, I can open any set of super hot girls anytime (sometimes I'll bitch out, but its extremely rare). I've hit a plateau and once I'm in the transition phase I can't get the conversation going long enough to build up enough attraction/qualification. I haven't been getting as many numbers as I used to, but my game is feeling more stable (consistent).

    I started taking a boxing class yesterday (its basically just cardio and stretching, and punching exercises) and there's a bunch of really cute girls in it. I hit things off well with the hottest girl there, so I'll let you know how that goes...

    Not only can I open extremely easily now, but I can have the girls laughing within 10 seconds of talking to them (thats always been my strongest skill). Tonight I went out alone again (my wing had to cancel). Opened tons of sets as usual, but didn't get any closes. Near the end of the night the opener that I thought of was "have you seen my friend?... he looks sort of like me... only more Asian" every girl thought that line was hilarious, but I couldn't really get it to hook properly. There was a super hot girl who I bitched out of opening early in the night... I saw her again about half an hour later and used my opener I told you about.. she laughed, did light kino, said some other shit, and locked in by sitting across from her at her table.. I opened her just as her friend stood up to talk to some other guy (perfect timing)... after I was sat and started talking to her for a couple of minutes the friend and the guy took her away.... ZERO fucks given (maybe 0.2 fucks)

    Overall even though I haven't closed much lately, I am super confident when opening and my AA is almost non-existent, and I'm practically immune to rejection now.

    Moral of the story is to KEEP GOING OUT AND MEETING NEW GIRLS, sure it sucks getting rejected over and over and over, but you'll gradually get used to it and become more successful

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    Another weekend down... not much progress. I've been consistently going out, 3 nights a week for the past month, but I'm super frustrated with my lack of progress lately. I can open any set and have the girls laughing and into a conversation whenever I want, but in clubs its been extremely challenging... most of my successes come from randomly meeting chicks on buses or on the street. All of my approaches and interactions with girls just seem like one big blur. I'm falling back into the trap I was in during highschool where every girl thought I was cool and hilarious but didn't want to fuck me. I think I'm going to focus more on daygame for a while since I have more success during it. I'm drunk and in a bitchy mood right now, I just feel so fucking discouraged. I'm going to a Zumba class tomorrow (tons of girls), I'll let you know how it goes (if it goes well)

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    I've been in a rough spot the past month and suffered some EPIC rejections last week. Last night reminded me of how amazing and fun "game" really is. I went with my wingman to a small venue that his roommate said "had dancing"... so we decide to go there and it turns out its a smaller than usual venue that had salsa (and salsa-ish) dancing that night. First girl I asked to dance... rejected, zero fucks given... I ask an even hotter chick standing near to dance instead BOOM she says yes... we go salsa (or atleast try to) I have NO IDEA HOW THE FUCK TO SALSA so I just wing it and make it obvious that I don't know what I'm doing and just having fun and fucking around she's laughing and having a good time... song ends we part ways (everyone is swapping dancing partners after each song) I go to the bar to get a drink, a cute girl comes up beside me (obvious she wanted attention) she says "I saw you dancing earlier " I ask her to dance (easy). We dance for a while just having a good time good chemistry, song ends she gives me a big hug says "I hope I see you again soon", I get the number and go back to see my wing again. He tells me to open the girl behind me (a cute blonde standing with a bunch of her friends) I ask her to dance she says yes, we go (pretty much do the exact "routine" I did the previous times) less than ten minutes from the previous # I get her number, as I pull out my phone it has a fresh text from the previous girl, get her number. Then I go around dancing with other chicks making them laugh and have a good time (everyone wins!)
    TL;DR: Awesome night after a slow month, salsa dancing is AMAZING for meeting girls at (even if you don't know WTF you're doing), Got 2 numbers in 10 mins., most importantly had tons of fun and made everyone else have a great time, 0 fucks given, a thousand good times had

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    Shit hit the fan on both numbers.... One never responded and the other one constantly chased me and then went crazy and stopped talking to me. #shithappens

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    First post in a long time... Just starting to get back into gaming for various reasons

    Right now I feel like there's an infinite amount of possibilities and that I'm going to get VERY good VERY soon after having been moving slow this past year.
    I just moved to a big city a month and a half ago and in between constant job searching (I finally have a really great one now) and getting over a really weird oneitis situation (very long story) I have'nt been gaming much... last weekend that changed, but it was slow (went back to the fundamentals) and I re-got over my AA so now I'm back to opening up sets with super model quality chicks no problem. I was at a festival thing last weekend and opening lots and getting eye fucked dozens of times... but I could approach any girls but those ones for some reason...
    ... there was a new festival in the same place tonight, so I go there solo and have my AA practically not exist (I personally don't "warm up on fat chicks" like some people suggest, but if it works for you go for it).. anyway, I see a HB8 and use my favourite default opener on her that I created a while ago (I'll write a post on it later... its fucking golden, its natural, funny, and gives tons of value) so I'm talkin her up doing my thing and about 2 minutes in (going smooth as butter)... a creepy drunk homeless woman cockblocks me... I try to pass it off, but HB8 is too creeped out and leaves into the vast crowd to ditch the crazy person... FFFUUUUUUCK
    I just venture around (that girl is long gone at this point) and I talk up lots of people (girls and guys), after a while people are starting to leave and I'm walking around and another HB8 is at a standing table with 3 people and I notice her subtly check me out... this time I open her (instead of bitching out like last week during eye contact). She's with 2 other girls and 1 guy. Normally I still make the mistake of ONLY focusing on the target (rookie mistake), but this time the pickup was FUCKING ART. Like text book perfect. I got her attracted, then ignored her temporarily to win over and meet the other people at the table. I shook everyones hand and swapped names and came to her last and didn't let go of her hand and we held hands for about 30 seconds (compliance test), I won over the whole group by making everyone laugh hysterically and explain how my other friends were gone so they were my new friends for now... I especially befriended the guy who turns out was my targets brother. They say they're about to drive home (I tried venue hopping but it wasn't vibing out), so when they said they were about to leave I said "Ok let me get someone's contact information so we can hangout again" (normally I'd directly ask the girl, but I knew what I was doing in this case)... since it was obvious there was a spark between us, and since everyone trusted me and thought I was cool, her brother says "[target's name] give him your number" BOOOOM, then as we split up I say bye to everyone and give her a big hug and as she walks away says goodbye and gives me a look that says "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you" (and we made plans to meet up tomorrow)
    After that I decided to go get drunk (I was completely sober before), went to a club opened a ton of sets but was just having fun and didn't go for closes (I know, no excuses... but I just wasn't really feeling it)... then I ventured into the night and walked up and down the streets talking to everyone and just HAVING SHIT TONS OF FUN cracking jokes with random people all night (I talked to atleast 40-50 people)
    So now I'm feeling awesome and am definitely seeing big improvements in my game and my perspective of it (having fun really is the best part of it)
    I also want to point out that I mention getting checked out a lot... because I do and it feels awesome because I used to be very unattractive, I could get girls by being funny and cool, but it wasn't till recently that I'm a sexy mother fucker (because I worked my ass off to look better, i.e. work out A LOT, wear good clothes, get a good hair cut... seriously). So I dont want you to read this and think Im one of those super good looking guys who don't need game (like in some of the other FRs about banging 10s after the first night), I worked really hard to be more attractive and it pad off and you can do the same!
    Anyway I'm always going to remember this night every time I have a shitty night that gives me the "FML I suck, I cant do this" feeling
    Lessons: - master approaching first, only way to get over AA - be super social with EVERYONE - Look your best - PRACTICE A LOT!!!!!!!!!!
    TL;DR: had an amazing night after being out of practice for a while, got cockblocked by creepy old lady and picked up a sexy girl in a textbook perfect pickup, and had a shit ton of fun riding solo and being insanely social (but read the rest, its a good story)

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