Phone after text
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    Phone after text

    Hi guys,

    I'm Ammo and my field log is

    This question is about something I encountered in field. I met a really nice girl by doing direct game in the street and I'm getting a good response while texting. I think calling girls is a bit of a sticking point for me because I try to avoid it because I feel less comfortable with calling a girl then texting or meeting.

    My question is: when do you guys start calling and when you guys call do you first call for something small like just telling her something that happened or do you call for the meet up. I think this girl is a short to medium fuse and I could probably also just text her and go for the meet up by text (but that won't help me with my phone game).

    Whatcha guys think?

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    I work in sales, and the saying goes, "You aren't going to build a relationship with emails." Or texting. What I'm saying is get her on the phone or take her ass out. You can text girls you've already banged.

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    Ok man, I get your point. I'm going to do a little bit attraction building through callback humor and regular humor via text and then i'm gonna go for the meet up!

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    By the way she's responding REALLY well, she's telling me she liked me and that I impressed her yesterday. Still though, when do you guys usually call.

  5. If it's going as well as in your case immediatly. You can call her in the middle of a text conversation.
    write a few text messages, call her and push for a 2nd date.

    IMO you don't need to call her. Since you already were on a date with her only through texting she will most likely meet for a second date if you write her.

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    I didn't really date her though, I opened her talked for 5 mins and took her number

  7. ok then follow this gameplan:
    1. open her with a text message
    2. get a conversation going
    3. tell her youre busy but will call her later
    4. call her and build some comfort if its going well push for a date. otherwise call her a few more times

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    Call to set up a date, just be confident when you call!!!Somewhere between the lines ask her out ... problem solved

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