Good routines! where? = DAFS
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  1. Good routines! where? = DAFS

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a source for routines. Where did you learn your routines? Can you recommend any books, videos, websites, whatever?
    btw: what routines do you use? I tried to make some before, but somehow they didn't quite have the desired effect ^^
    Have you created some routines yourself?

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    Venusian arts forum has a section for routines. There are a ton of them

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    Or the Love Systems Routine Manual..

  4. How about a source called DAFS?

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    Do a search on here, purchase the routines manual and magic bullets. Put some effort in, you won't get spoon fed.


  6. thanks

    Thank you for your replys. I don't expect to get spoon fed routines i'm only asking for sources for routines. I think there are lots of good routines around but also lots of bad ones (as it is bound to be in a forum for example). So I wanted to know if you guys could recommend some source that has a high quality field tested routine compilation. I guess this routines manual is what i'm looking for. Unfortunately I don't have the money to afford these products..

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