Night of drinking turns into a threesome :)

It's been a while since I've put a field report on here, mainly due to my excessive partying and being busy with college and shit. I've decided that I will try to post more stuff and routines and stuff I've been using on girls that could help the community. Well this is how I basically fucked the shit out of two girls...

The night started off as a regular saturday I didn't really want to go out due to partying for like three nights straight and the night before I already got laid so I felt I paid my dues. lol. Well my best friend "chief" and my brother "fresh23"(bro can be found on TAF) decided to surprise me after College football and say that we are throwing chief a fake birthday party and they lied about it just to see how many people really knew chief Bday.

Well did all the beer shopping and 120 beers in my fridge later I'm ready for the night and in no mood to really get shitfaced. I should mention that the night before the girl I got laid by is pretty crazy. She gave me the crazy eyes. In my eyes when I was drunk she looked like a 8,in the morning an average 6 .

Well another friend close to my circle named DR (Dominica republican Born) came up to me and asked me to join him at another party for an hour to socialize and help him not have it be awkward. I was like oh I can't leave my own party.

DR: I have grey goose and they have the hulk .

Clik: Oh shit I can't pass that up, as long as you drive us back here then I'm good.

I'm very anti drunk driving. Well we roll up to this party and it's people from my work that work nights. I work days and I couldn't believe they drank. I live in utah where everyone is mormon and I just automatically assume they don't drink until they bring up the topic.

Well this is a little different from my parties of beer pong,flip cup,chandeliers and kings cup. All they did was sit around a LAST SUPPER looking table and drink their own booze, meanwhile the bartender was giving me shots. Well I socialize and mingle seems to be going well but not really my scene then I get a text

Fresh23: Hey faggel where are you? It's a vagina fest in here and I can't entertain all these girls hurry get here HBsexy legs and Crazy eyes are here I'm sorry dude hope you can pull it off.

Clik: You Blowjob you know how i've been working on hbsexy legs for like a month and all i've done is fingered her and madeout with her and now you invite crazy eyes...good one faggel.

Well DR decides to drive us back after he's taken two shots. He's already a bad driver as it is and he text while he's driving. I swear I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel twice with this guy.

All right fast forward to the my best friend "chief" birthday party. I get there and I see HBsexylegs and she immediately hugs me and challenges me to flip cup. She has yet to beat me at it in the month we've played together. Well it happens and I still beat her. Too bad too sad...

Clik: You can go cry to mommy now
HBSL: haha you got lucky and I want my rematch I will beat you
Clik: Nope now we got to get the group involved ...

7 vs 7 and HBSL is on my team. We win and I high and hugged her , easy kino and high emotions.
Clik: See HBSL if you stay on my team we will always win and never lose, not to be cocky but i'm a good coach. I've got to mold you into a winner. As well you owe me a kiss on the cheeks we made a bet last weekend that if you didn't beat me at flip cup the next time we played you'd kiss me.

She kissed me on the cheeks and then the other one and I pointed at the middle one and said "hey take it easy you've got to wine and dine me before you get this again" haha

Then I get this feeling and crazy eyes and her friend HB10. . haha I was like oh shit I can't believe this is happening. Well my friend chief comes and entertains HBSL and then I can pay focus to crazy eyes. Oh wait nm my eyes were HB10, she was a 5'5 navajo girl with nice perky tits and nice round ass. I couldn't believe it.

Crazy eyes says she was going to drink me under the table and I disagreed and said I believe me and HB10 are going to drink you under the table . HB10 agrees and laugh.

Well shots and shots later crazy eyes disappears (thank god) and it was me and HB10 and I talked to and then took her to a quiet place in my house. Ran the cube and told her everything and then did riddles to figure out how smart she was. Then I ran some numerical number tricks that I know of. She was shocked and asked me how I knew all this stuff and I told her I was studying stuff like this for school. She then asked me more questions about me.

Then Crazy eyes shows up and says that drama is happening and I tell them both to stay in my room and not to leave . haha it was too easy they stayed there. Went downstairs and realized it's just my friends bullshitting. haha.

I go back to my room which only has a mattress and clothes all over it . ya I just moved in . I lay down with the girls and ask them how rebellious or adventurous they were?

crazy eyes: well I think last night was adventurous was don't you think?

Clik: Sure it was fun

HB10: Idk what do you have in mind?

Clik: have you guys ever tried a threesome makeout?

I initiated it and it was on. Making out with HB10 and then fingering Crazy eyes. Then went back to making out with CE(Crazy eyes) and then I was feeling HB10 tits and her shirt was off and the I was like oh shit here it goes and I work my way down and her panties and everything was off. Such a smooth wet tight pussy. I was by now fingering both of the girls and then HB10 asked if I had a condom...

I put one on faster than Usaine bolt running a hundred meter. Well all crazy shit happened and I couldn't believe it 69 while the other girl sucked my balls , doggy style while she was eating her friend out . Fingerbanging both of them. I had them give me a blowjob sandwich which is my version of each girls lips on each side of my dick while going up and down with their tongues wrapped underneath. It was pleasant. Well a good hour later I blow my load.

These girls were freaks. I could not believe it. Well the next morning apparantly HBSL was still there and it seems she was turned off by what happened. I was pretty bummed because I've been going hard after this girl. she's like the innocent stacy kiebler looking girl. Damn I fucked up and now I am just going to lay low.

With HB10 her and I are talking and texting but i'm getting stuck on where should I take her. she kinda had remorse of getting that drunk and doing what she did. She said she had fun but feels like a slut. Idk how to react to that or what we should do the first time we hang out. Well comments and help would be helpful.

I will try to post more stories and stuff about the past parties and pickup i've done . I'm ready to come back to the community .