Places you don't feel comfortable sarging at

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    Places you don't open at

    So I was wondering if there are places where you don't feel comfortable sarging at or simply opening at? For me, it's the subway. If you've never been to Montreal, our subway is old, noisy and underground. During rush hours, it's jam-packed and everyone is squeezed in. I take it everyday to go to and come back from work. I know a bit about public transportation game from what I read here, but yet, I never feel like doing an approach. Is it because of AA? Maybe a little, but more than that, it's just that I don't feel the environement is adequate. I mean first of all, most of the people have headphones on. I'd guess about 95 % of people take the subway with music, in the other 5 %, 3 % are talking to someone, 1.5 % are reading a book or a paper and the other 0.5 % have nothing.

    I tried an approach once and got shut down pretty quickly but that's not what discouraged me. I sometimes wish I could, and it could definately be something that I could work on, but I just feel like it wouldn't be a place where people like to be approached. I guess if you meet someone on the platform, that's another story, but on the actual subway itself? I just don't feel it, even though I wish I did because there are tons of pretty girls.

    How about you? Any places like that where you just don't feel right?

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    Places you don't feel comfortable sarging at = those exist?

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    funerals, aids clinics, burn wards, graveyards....actually I take back that last one...but you get the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluefin View Post
    Places you don't feel comfortable sarging at = those exist?
    Sure, not everyone has them but some of us do. Burn wards are a good idea though. It could give a whole new meaning to the phase "Smoking hot".

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    Bus, subway, school

  6. Loud clubs. I know I need to get over that but I've tried a few times and I just struggle with it. Kind of odd because kino is a strong part my game but I guess its kino plus being able to actually carry on a conversation.

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    Oh yeah nightclubs. I didn't mention them because I don't go there, but that has more to do with I'm uncomfortable in tight spaces with lots of people around, and that has nothing to do with approaches.

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    Came in here to post subway.

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