Vol. 68 On How to be cool (Social Intelligence) - (Savoy & Hoss)
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    Vol. 68 On How to be cool (Social Intelligence) - (Savoy & Hoss)

    Learning "How to be cool" involves being socially intelligent. Social intelligence is a quality that will help you in all areas of life and is very desirable to women as well. Guys often try to be cool by adopting the identity of a movie character when they should actually be emulating certain attractive traits of real men they know, and incorporating them into their own personas. Join Love Systems leader Savoy and rising star Hoss as they discuss the importance of being socially intelligent and break down the make-up of the ultimate cool guy.

    Some of the points covered on this interview are

    •What does "being cool" entail?
    •Traits and interests that women find cool/unattractive
    •The importance of being non-judgmental
    •The importance of putting feelings over facts
    •Is it cool to take yourself seriously?
    •The effects of showing off
    •Is it cool to be alone?
    •How to properly differentiate yourself
    •How to represent yourself in a way thats consistent with what your identity is
    •How to be cool on a date
    •Social intelligence in relation to escalation

    Quotes From The Interview

    "By judging something negatively you deprive yourself of benefiting from it"

    "A cool guy will always try to raise people to his level instead of trying to knock people down"

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    This interview is solid, not earth-shattering. The topic is broad, so Savoy and Hoss cover it as well as one could expect in an hour. In my experience, being cool just comes from repeated social interactions.

    I didn't take notes on this interview as I had with others (66-Callback Humor and 65-Inner Game).

    Should you buy this interview? Ask yourself these two questions: how good are you at keeping friends whom you see as cool? This is important. Also, are you getting consistent angry reactions from women you approach? If girls are calling you an asshole and are not smiling, you have a problem. Otherwise, save your money.

    I give it 3 stars out of 5.
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    Yet another really good interview.

    Its been a while since Savoy was last in an interview series (way back to vol.41) and this is Nick Hoss first interview and after listening to it I hope it's not the last.
    The speech is very clear and Savoy an Hoss speak very clearly so you'll have no problem ever understanding what is said.

    As Zman has already said in his review the topic of 'being cool' is a very broad subject and can mean a lot of different things to different people but Savoy and Hoss explain a very great deal in such a short space of time, the info they give on everything is in depth and very useful I've learned a lot from this interview.
    One of the parts of this I took the most from what when they speak of not always trying to win arguments with people (even when you know your right) by going to the extremes of using google and other internet sites to 'prove your point' as it makes you come arcoss as un-cool and a bit of a douche which I have to admit I'm guilty of.

    Also I've found the information given is great all round knowledge, its not just for pick up or interactions with girls but its a great all round life lesson.
    Anyone getting this interview I highy recommend you listen with a pen and paper handy or listen a few times to it as there are so many nuggets in there you won't remember them all without it, I would also recommend listening to Vol 63: Conversation Techniques as these two interviews really tie in well together.
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