fucking a co-worker

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    fucking a co-worker

    bad idea? good idea?

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    I can't say bad idea because that would be hypocritical of me since I kind of want to do the same. However, the decision of whether to yes or no has to come at one question, are you interested in that coworker as more than a one-night stand or a FWB? You have to be willing to at least consider a potential relationship, or else it could get very akward very fast. Of course, there's still pitfalls to that, but it's not for me to say. I know some people who met at work and hit it off, so it's possible but I wouldn't bang a coworker just for a quick lay.

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    Supersonic71 Guest

    Horrible idea. Horrible horrible idea.

    No matter what, unless you plan on marrying this woman (right...), things will eventually go sour because you'll be forced to interact with her on some level on a daily basis. Then once things do go sour, you'll STILL have to interact with her, and work with her, and possibly FOR her, should she get promoted before you.

    Instead, befriend them and use them as bridges/pivots.

    You'll be forced to see her every day regardless. If you get with her friends, you'll be in much greater control of how often you'll see them

  4. Agree with Supersonic. Very bad idea. Along the lines of don't shit where you eat. I've been in this spot a few times and no good can come of it. Married one of them in fact and have been divorced from her for a few years now.

    I can say that it's a cool feeling to sit in a meeting with a bunch of people and realize that you've fucked, kissed, or seen the tits of 3 or 4 chicks in the room. With that said, it adds way too much stress to your life.

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    Interesting replies.

    I'm actually applying for other jobs, wanting to get out of this one. So i'll probably wait until I find another gig and then do the deed

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    To me, it comes down to the ones who have hinted at meeting up outside of work, whether it's a sports bar or some local event going on, or if they're having a house party and some co-workers are going, and you notice she's spending time talking to you pretty frequently.

    I've been able to pick out the ones who were gossipy or ones who would be fake nice. The ones who I considered good friends dropped the act around me, and if anything, the more female friends you have at work and socially, the more you can decipher what's an IOI and what's workplace politeness. Women size each other up pretty fast.

    Also, when you're not working there anymore, you kind of fall off the radar to them. You figure out who your real friends were, because they'll keep in touch.

    Something like a seasonal or temp job where girls are working for shopping money is a pretty good place to meet a variety of women and not put a career at risk. I've seen a bunch of temporary Halloween stores popping up over the past couple of weeks, and can just chat them (and customers) up finding out where there's different events going on.

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    Depends on your work. If you're working at applebees I'd say go for it. If you work for a public accounting firm I'd say probably not.

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  8. I was wondering the same if it is worth getting back into because I like a lot of the girls at my company better than the same old meeting girls at bars. With bullshit jobs do whatever you want, but at 23 im guessing this is your career or a building block for it. My boss constantly tells me to stay away from the girls and how bad it would be to get involved with women in the company, but he is a hypocrite and is kinda jealous. The reason I know that is because once a girl (very wild party girl i talked to socially) asked him to hang out and he was really excited and everything he said went out the window lol. She blew him off and he was back to his original fake morals.

    I have gotten with a few women from this company as well.

    I work for a company with about 500 people or so. Like 98% women. Around 5% are attractive and in my age range. And about maybe 3% are single. Another girl in my department kinda wing manned me in the past by telling me who gossips about me and stuff. I work in the central office and then there are around 70 branch offices that are nearby. I am hit on nearly every week at least once but some times everyday depending on where I go.

    First time was a girl in a branch office, she had the lowest possible position in the company - receptionist. I took her out for her birthday and we ended up banging.

    Second girl was an older girl who was a supervisor, but a solid 8/10. We banged after the work party.

    I was the center of a lot of gossip for this, but I really didn't care. They all think I am 'sweet' cuzz my position involves helping them so I never really got a manwhore reputation.

    Then I went out for beers with a buncha girls from another branch office and this is where things went really wrong. Apparently one of them was extremely into me. I didn't do anything with her physically because I did not find her attractive. She kept texting me nonstop and put a photo of me and her on their refrigerator. The texting lasted for several months. She also called my work extension and made up things just to have a topic to call about. She eventually quit (for other reasons).

    Best thing to do imo (maybe some other ppl have things to add) is to talk to all of them so it doesn't look like you have a specific target. However you should have a specific target and not go from girl to girl to girl. In my experience it takes about a year for the gossip to die down and people to forget.

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