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    Get it for free. Before you have to pay for this.

    Allright, well, this will be my feild report of some sort.

    It wont be in the traditional sense but it will be a journal of any things I need to work on to continue my constant transformation.

    I'll have some funny stories too tell aswell. I have a lot of funny stories already, involving turning down 3somes cause I thought I might get mugged, reading a girls palm and saying "This line is telling me you like cum alllll over your face" much to the pleasure of her friends and horror of herself, or simply dealing with crazy girls. This one time I had a girl hooking up with me in the back of my car the night I found out my Girlfriend and first love cheated on me. This random girls pants where off and in no less than 10 seconds she went from moaning to crying I was like "uhh wtf, are you allright?" she goes "Yeah, i'm just drunk I think, lets go back to the party, and we'll come back when I'm sober. We were both pretty drunk so I dropped her off at the party and ditched her to game another girl. AND then there was this one girl who I was sexting and in 2 texts she went from going "Please come over and fuck me right now, I want your cock so badly" too "All you want is sex!" too "I can't resist you and your body" too "You don't care about me as a person you just want to fuck me".

    This is also my temporary resignation, too be honest I have gotten a little addicted too the site. I always browse the what's new section and read a little bit of everything. I don't want too hurt your guys feelings, but reading about some these posts has taken a toll on my inner game, it somewhat drains me and i've noticed some of the more, er, beginner threads rub off on me and I begin too doubt even myself.

    So I will begin a mini cleanse, if you will, of PUA and all of that, and then I will be back.

    So Hopefully the next time you hear of me, i'll have a few good stories, and some great progress in my University game.

    Current Goal: Build up an awesome social circle and be the guy that I want to hang out with.

    Untill we meet again.


    P.s. I bet you guys can already guess that I'm not an English major.

    Have fun suffering through reading my pretttttyyy bad grammar

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    It's been a while, and I've already got sooooo much hw to do, so i'll try and keep this short, not too mention i'm hungover and sleepy as fuck.

    So in a nutshell first few nights I went and partied on campus, met people, met more people through people, and met more people through friends I know from last year. One of which is my future wife, yepp, first girl i've had a crush on since breaking up with my ex. So, i've been using my best game for her, but she is THE hardest girl to game.
    But right now she fits my image of perfect gf material, so i'm going to pursue it. This girl is really hard to text, I played my game well when I had her in person at a party 3 nights ago. I was the only guy to get her too talk to me willingly and smile, and after me I saw her -politely- blow some guy right out of the water who tried to hit on her.

    I got her roomates number too, so i've also been texting her a bit lately too, giving neither one too much attention and just doing my best to come across as a good guy, roomates talk, so if her friend is all like "he's a cool guy" or whatever, i'm in... but if she goes "Yeah I have a crush on him" that might fuck me over. W.e I like playing with fire, high risk high reward.

    I had a house party at my place last night, it was pretty succesful, besides the fact that I have to call my landlady because she's pissed off about it... really not looking forward to that. For my house party I just played the good host, I made sure everyone was happy and introduced everyone to everyone. Hugging girls I hadn't seen in a long time and high fiving guys left right and centre.

    By the end of the night I had my target and was using some good kino on her did a little 'routine' I guess you could call it, she was smoking a cigar so as she took a puff I kissed her and her breathe the smoke into my mouth and I did a trick with it through my nose..Typing that out sounds pretty gross, but it wasn't and it got her comfortable with being that intimate with me, but logistics really fucked me over, there were some people that just wouldn't get the message that it was time to leave, not only that but her friend was over aswell so I had to convince her friend to stay and said I'll wingman for her and get her hooked up with my rooomate if she hooks me up with her friend, only problem is my roomate was in the bathroom puking, so as I went to help him out and see if he could wingman for me by hooking up with the obstacle the target left... I saw her leaving my house and get into a car with some dude, no idea who the guy is, but he's a tool, and I hope he's getting some good sex out of picking up my target at 2 am.

    So now it was me in my living room and her friend that she left behind, we started watching slumdog millionaire, then we started cuddling, then one thing lead to another and we ended up having sex, I had tequila that night, and tequila kills my dick like no other, so I ended up going soft after about 10 mins and just pulled out and fingered her for a little bit. Which is good, cause I was and idiot wasn't wearing a jimmy, not too sure about how sti's work but I don't think you can catch much without the swapping of body fluids.

    Either way I should probably look that up.

    Remember kids, don't be silly, wrap you willy
    Don't be a fool wrap you tool
    Wrap it before you tap it
    and condoms are easier to change than diapers
    Etc etc.


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    I've been listening to Zombie by the Cranberries Alllll day.

    The journey to learning the Venusian arts is much like being put into a dark room. When you first learn about the community you run around with canned openers and much like walking around a dark room you bump into something every once and a while. It may not be what you're looking for, but it's something, and it helps, it gives you a bit of confidence that you're doing something right, even if it's not what you wanted, you're glad you're bumping into things. Then as your eyes begin to adjust you make out shapes and objects and you squint and you see something that you want and you reach out to grab it, again it may not be exactly what you wanted but you were able to say hey, i'm not sure what that dark shape is but i'm going to grab it. And you do, and life is good, and you get another confidence boost.

    After the last few months of being single I believe i've nearly reached the next stage, my eyes have adjusted to the darkness, I can see things clearly, I can pick out things that I want, and I can grab them. The only thing I struggle with now is the un-metaphorical aspect of game known as logistics. I'm glad i've adjusted to the darkness and now i'm looking forward to mastering the advanced game of logistics.

    Last Night

    Me and my Roomate are both somewhat sick, on friday night we recovered from our party on thursday and stayed in and watched movies, saturday night we were a little more restless. We went over to a good friend of ours place and hung out with him and his roomate, whom is also a mutual friend of me and my roomate, after hugs were exchanged, mainly with the female roomate, we sat down, drank some beers and started to watch 'mean girls'.

    Then after getting our buzz on we decided on making the trek to campus and seeing what parties were going on, our friend 'girlroomate' decided to stay in, she has a bf and didn't really want to meet new people, so we left her at home.

    We walked around campus for a bit and it was pretty dead, so we called up a friend who lives on res and he was playing beerpong at his place. We arrive there, and not to sound like an ass but girl wise, it was not looking good. I didn't mind though, sometimes you just want to have fun and women aren't my only source of pleasure. I played a game of beerpong and lost to the best girl i've ever seen play beerpong, ofcourse afterwards I had to shake her hand and have her introduce me to her friends, one of which was heckling me playfully the whole time. After I introduced myself I made light chit-chat and then left to go talk to one of the guys I had walked here with, he tells me he's going outside to grab a friend to bring up here, sounds good to me, I needed some fresh air anyways. Once we come back I see this pretty (Whom I spotted before with a circle of guys around her) sitting alone, with one of the guys hovering nearby her.

    I 'accidently' bump into her, she's sitting on the floor.

    "Oh sorry, I didn't see you there, why don't you grab a seat?"
    "She replies back but I can't quite remember what she said"
    I notice the orbiter staring at me helplessly
    I put him to ease with a
    "Hey I'm BnG, I'm friends with the host at this party, what's your name?"
    Then for the next 5 mins I make chit-chat with them, purposefully giving the guy more attention and making him feel more comfortable, he looked panicked when I first bumped into the girl he is no doubt trying to hang out with. Then another one of the orbiters comes in and very rudely interrupts the convo me and the guy were having by standing in the middle and interviewing the poor girl. I look at him and say "Hey I'm BnG, I like your drawn on tattoo"(He had a little picture of a smiley face drawn on with marker)
    He proudly declares "Hey thanks, -my targets name- drew it on me" The other orbiter chimes in "She drew a flower on me" Now i'm no pessimist but it kinda looked like these guys were teaming up on me. So I decided to play devils advocate.
    "Oh that's a shame, you only got a smiley face, but He got a flower"
    "On my neck" orbiter one proudly exclaims
    The two orbiters now begin playfully arguing with eachother much akin to how gr.4's would fight over a girl in the playground

    I then turn to the girl and point this out, she laughs and I say
    "It's hot in here, I'm going to step outside, why don't you come with me and tell me what classes you're taking"
    With a smile she says why not

    I felt a bit bad for the orbiters, it looks like they spent most of their night trying to get this girl and in 10 mins I undid all their work.

    Once outside I build more rapport with her, I tease her a bit on the drawn on tattoo she has (One of the guys put it on her) we then talk about where I stayed on campus last year (she's 1st year, im 2nd) I tell her i'm going to my old place right now to shake hands with the guy who now lives in my room and tell him to flip the matress, she agrees to come along. (Now by this point I know I can kiss her, but what's the fun in that, flirting is fun and sexual tension is great, so i'm going to keep it going for aslong as I can)

    We get to my old place I meet the guys, they were really cool, we have a few laughs and then I leave with the girl and in a way congratulate her on being a part of that nostalgic moment. I ask if she wants to go on an adventure she says sure and we start talking about how she doesn't want to know the people that lived in her room before her.
    "And why's that?" I ask
    "I just want to think that no one has lived there before me, that it's my room and my room only"
    "haha you're an only child aren't you?"
    Her face lights up and she asks me how I know.
    People love to hear observations about themselves that other people notice, nothing is more interesting to someone than themselves and the most important word in human language is one's own name.

    We come across some sprinklers and she doesn't want to try and run through them without getting wet. Now, i'm a pretty strong guy, and with a background in mma I know how to lift someone pretty easily. I turned around, hoisted on to my shoulders and ran through the sprinklers much to her excitement and horror.
    "We made it" I say
    "Ya, and I only got a little wet"
    It took a lot of will power not to make a cheesy joke here, but I decided that it would not fit the current picture I had painted of myself.

    After more walking and me picking her up and second time, pretending to throw her into a fountain, we sit down on some steps outside the psychology wing.
    We're talking and my leg is against her and we're talking very close. This feels completely natural because A. She's seen me being touchy with everyone I've met so far, and B. I've gone from social- to friendly touching with her.

    We talk about how I'll be 19 soon and how I have a few bar bets already made up, she seems interested but I break her train of thought with
    "are you a good kisser?"
    She blushes "Well, I dunno, I mean, i can't tell you that, someone has to tell me" She then looks at me expectantly, I smile, put my arm around her and say,
    "ok, lets play the game, your kiss will come later"
    Now, I'm not one for routines, but I do use the 5 questions game, palm reading(as a joke), and the cube, every once and awhile.
    I do the 5 questions game with the premise if she loses she gives me a kiss, she lost, I run my hand from her hairline, down her cheek, to her jaw, tilt her head and kiss her very softly, pull away and kiss her again a little bit stronger.
    We talk some more, do some more people watching and I put my hand on her cheek and jawline again and kiss her a little bit more strongly, switching sides, and ending with a kiss on the forhead.

    "You're about an 8" I say with a smile, she blushes.
    I joke about how i'm glad she doesn't use her tongue, and joke about how i've had a near death experience with a girl jamming her tongue down my throat (which is actually partly true)

    We talk a bit more, people watch(as in watch drunk people stumble around), I ask her to tell me something about herself and as she's half way through her story I kiss her again
    "hey you didn't even let me finish" she says with a smile
    "I still want to hear the rest, I just wanted to give you a kiss then"
    She finishes her story, we kiss some more, she introduces her tongue, I reciprocate, I pull away first as usual and I catch her with a goofy smile on her face and tease her about it.

    "sorry, i'm very zoned out all of a sudden" she says.

    We then start walking back to her place, I grab her hand.
    We talk about amusent parks and she qualifies herself about how she rides scary rides and say how awesome it is and ask her how she does with horror movies, she says she can't watch them alone I say lets watch one when we get back to your place, she agrees, I squeeze her hand.
    Now here's where it gets tricky

    A few feet away from her dorm she goes
    "I'm feeling pretty tired, maybe we should watch the movie another time"
    "Sure, sounds good, can I sneak in and use your bathroom before I walk home first?"
    "Yah no problem"
    Her dorm is right across from the bathroom so I take the longest piss ever and by the time I come back out her door is closed with her inside. Not good. She mentioned earlier how she had a roomate, I didn't want to barge in, so I started to text her, have a good night, but as I do that she comes back out the door. We talk for about 30 secs saying good bye, and I put my hands on her hips and kiss her goodnight, I pull away first and whisper into her ear, are you sure I can't just sleep over and cuddle with you?

    She says
    "Maybe another night, i'm pretty tired"
    Not much else I can do but agree with her. And so I say goodbye and leave.

    Now this girl is my type, she is the type of girl that you turn into a gf, no other guys had any luck with her that night, and with all my gaming all I got was a lot of kissing, this girl is classy and I love that about her.

    Afterwards I call up a more party type girl I met a few night earlier and spend most of the rest of my night with her.


  4. Love your reports!

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    Haha thanks for the love bro.

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    Nothing much to update about the weekdays, I don't usually game in class or on the bus because while in College I focus on social circle game, I should just approach girls with no motive other than being friends. But with attractive girls they will always assume you have a motive, and it's not too be friends with them.

    Today was kind of a shitty day, I had a dream about my ex during the night so I woke up sad and missing her, which is weird because with all these girls around and the progress i've been making I don't miss her and I realize i'm way more better off being single and searching for someone better than her, because with the skill I have now, I can get someone better. But alas, it was one of those emotional dreams that fuck with your head. If you've ever had a dream where you've been Really mad at someone in it and you wake up mad at them and you know you shouldn't be mad at them cause it was a dream but you are anyways... then yeah it was like that but the opposite. As usual, I miss my bus, so I drive to school, I'm still late though and I show up to english late. I sit at the one empty seat at the back of glass. I scope out the room and notice a big group of attractive looking(from the back atleast) girls all sitting together in the middle. Oh great a clique in english class, i'll have to find a way to get in that social circle.. 10 mins later one of them looks back... OH FUCK, it's my ex's best friend, she doesn't like me at all.... Oh shit, that's my ex's other best friend who didn't like me when we were dating and now hates me once I broke up with her friend. I get a sinking feeling as I catch eye contact and an even worse one when they turn around and it dawns on me that they are the leaders of the group of girls. New plan with English class, sit at the back, keep a low profile, don't ask questions and maybe I'll make it out alive. These girls literally glare at me, my ex is a good emotional manipulater whether she notices it or not, I instantly became the bad guy when I broke up and went No contact with her after she cheated on me by kissing her friend, ofcourse her story is that it wasn't cheating cause he kissed her and that i'm weird for no longer wanting to talk too her.. Oh and I broke her heart. What is not taken into account is how she broke mine, and a month after we broke up started going on dates with other guys and hooking up with other guys while I was still in love with her... But oh well, good riddence to bad garbage, and upon writing a little bit about her I am truly grateful she is out of my life.

    After English and Math, I go home, only to return an hour later, late(I missed the bus) to my Computer science class. Now I know what you might be thinking, Computer science, tough luck getting beauties in that class. Suprisingly Computer science has a lot of good looking friendly girls, I've had 3 classes so far, the first one I chatted up this one girl and didn't really follow up with another number because it seemed she wasn't too into me, and then 2nd class I get opened up and somewhat hit on(she was really eager to start a conversation with me) She was cute, but this was on friday, and on thursday I had a party and got like 2 hours of sleep so I was unable to have a conversation and I left it at that.

    Now today I came in and sat immediately beside this cute girl with this guy beside her. I keep quiet at first to observe what realationship her and the guy have.. they don't say a word for 10 minutes.

    BnG- Hey, are you good at taking notes?
    her- (caught off guard) she qualifies herself by saying sort of but explains to me that all the notes are on the online site
    Bng- Oh ok that's good, I wont have to kidnap yours then
    her- she says something about something and says this is all pretty easy stuff anyway because last year she was in computer engineering (Now as all this is going on the guy beside her is looking over at me helplessly, I gave him his chance, a 10 min head start, not too mention I was late, so I just ignore him)
    I reply by saying that i'm going into business so I have to take the course and it's pretty confusing too me, she asks if i'm first year, I say 2nd year she says same here and then I tell her about my friend who goes to another, slightly more prestigious uni, and how he studies computer engineering and says its a nightmare.
    She agrees and says she's doing another degree now.. Now I don't really remember what was said next about 30 seconds more of light chit chat and I look away to see what the prof is saying, class is now over and everyone starts putting their stuff away.

    BnG- Do you usually sit here
    Her- haha yeah I always sit here
    BnG- Cool, I'll sit here tomorrow
    Her- Ok awesome, see you tomorrow!
    Bng- see you tomorrow-- then I get up and leave.

    Not a bad pickup, no number close, although i could have gone for it, but why bother, we'll see eachother tomorrow, I'll number close her on friday.

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    Nothing much to report today. I missed my bus this morning so on the way back to school I see this Hb9 running down the street, my mind starts racing to find a strategy to get her in my car non creepily, while thinking about not being creepy I unknowingly start doing really creepy things. Such as driving slowly beside her as my windows roll down.

    Luckily She knows me from last year and she asks for a ride, we get to talking and before I know it I'm dropping her off on campus, she says she lives just down the street from me and I ask her what her last name is so I can add her on facebook. Oh well, small victory.

    Not much happened in English and Math, except in Math I scoped out this Hb9 so I will have to come up with a means of sitting beside her next class.
    In computer science I showed up late, again. The girl I met yesterday was locked into a row sorrounded by guys so I just sat down between two other girls.
    I ask the girl to my left if I've missed anything and she says no, but then offers me her notes, I declined cause I can just get it online, but then I realized I could have used those notes to get her number. Oh well, soon enough she begins talking to me about something else, and then she talks about something else, she's putting in all the work and all i'm doing is responding. After a 10 min silence and with the end of class very close I turn to her.
    "Actually I think I will grab those notes from you"
    She was pretty eager to give them too me. I asked if she usually sits here, she like in the general area.
    "Well how about I give you my number so you can text me when you want your notes back"
    She said sure, asked me what my name was and took down my number. Class was over, I said thanks for the notes and left.

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    Also, to whoever reads this, tell me what you think, tell me what you like, don't like, what i'm doing well, what i'm doing wrong.

    This is here for self improvement after all.

    At the very least just say "Hi :-)"

    It feels like I'm talking to myself when I post on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BnG View Post
    It feels like I'm talking to myself when I post on here.
    Unfortunately, this site isn't always so hot on journals and users responding to them. It can get annoying quick, but as long as you're doing something for yourself and it's working then you're good.

    This is a good journal, people just don''t stop in as much as they should.

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    I got too cocky

    I'm 5 mins late to my one of my morning classes, all the seats are taken and there are students all sitting down at the backwall, there is a break in the wall about halfway through with a flight of stairs by sitting halfway up the stairs I can look at the slides and sit down. I also spot a cute blond(hb7.5) sitting beside the stairs. I keep noticing her glancing around the room and maybe it's my ego talking but she kept glancing over at me aswell. I decide to try and opener I've only really theorized about.

    I grab a piece of paper and I set up a tic tac toe grid and hand it beside her making sure too lightly poke her back..she doesn't notice but the guy beside her does and snickers at me, fucking embarrassing and I just go back to taking notes. About 5 mins later she notices the paper looks back at me and smiles/does a quick quiet laugh. We begin to play and I win, she smiles at me and puts a cross through the grid... she then turns back and starts taking down notes.

    About 10 mins into class she is now standing so she can see the board, but this is uncomfortable so I give it 5 more minutes, poke her in the back with my pencil and motion for her to sit on the stair beside me. She complies.

    Here is where I get cocky. I just realized I've got this girl to laugh, smile and sit beside me without saying a fucking word, so I continue the game, I tell myself I'm going to number close her without saying a single thing to her.

    That didn't last long, because she starts talking to me, instead of acting normal I just give quick replies and go back to taking down notes. As class is coming to an end I start getting nervous because this is outside my comfort zone, as a result my body language is screaming insecurity. Class ends and she gets up and grabs her bag i grab her attention and hand her my phone, she puts her number in and says, I gotta go though I'll talk to you later, my voice failed me cause of this cough I have and I barely squeek out a "sure".

    Everything about this #close felt wrong, my Body language was off, I was nervous and her body language and the way she acted was off aswell.
    She was really cute too, I should have gamed her normally, Oh well, I texted her an hour later and didn't get a response.

    On to the next one.


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