OkCupid: Damage control on OkCupid

So, I messaged this HB7 (22yo) yesterday on OkCupid. In the message I made sure to imply that I had pay attention to most of what she said on her profile and mentioned some of her interests and stuff like that. I also asked for her name (having previously mentioned mine) and I told her something like "We should definitively have a little chat one of these days".
Now, I just recently got into all this PUA thing, so I don't have a lot of experience with this and I know I probably screwed up a little bit somewhere in that message.

Today I received an answer from her, unfortunately not the one I was expecting ...She wrote "Hi it's a pleasure to meet you "...and that's it. Now, since she only replies messages "Very selectively" (Red dot) I guess it's a good sign that she answered mine (as opposed to being totally ignored) but obviously I did something wrong. Having read her response, I wrote her back in the heat of the moment (I know I shouldn't have) and I said something like "Yeah likewise, I guess you were not kidding when you said you were very shy at first, but that's ok. Anyway, have a good one and good luck with the new semester".

Now, my question here is: How much did I screw up overall and is there a way to fix it? (in the case that she doesn't reply to that last message, which I'm almost sure that she won't)

I would really appreciate any kind of help/feedback.