What to do when your girlfriend is depressed?
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  1. What to do when your girlfriend is depressed?

    My girl goes through minor depression every couple months. She's a very happy, friendly, and adventurous person, and hides it so well that most people don't notice. But now that we're in love and we're so close, she tells me everything.

    It kills me inside to know she goes through this. There's no real cause to her depression... no baggage or true reason to be sad, considering she has alot of friends and family who love her very much. I feel helpless to make her feel better, and want to know the best thing to say.

    We are long distance so I can't physically console her, just talk. I see her in person for a 3-day weekend every 2 weeks.

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    you can't fix her. she is the one who needs to take care of this.

    you can listen to her but unless you are a doctor or a therapist or something that's about all you can do. it would be selfish of her to keep complaining and making stress for you without doing anything about her own problems.

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    Sucks mate. You just have to be stable for her through it.

    To be fair, every one of our gf's goes through a minor depression every four weeks or so that generally lasts from 3 to 4 days.

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    Has she been diagnosed? Could be mild bipolar or just depression. Either way, if it's biological then your hands are tied. There are things you can do to distract her but like D3tail said your only real option is to be stable for her. Assuming it's biological, it will go away on its own. If you love her, you need to put some thought into this, you might have to deal with this for years to come.

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    She should see a doc.

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    Find the crisis hotline in HER area. Call them and get her help. You need to tell her that she doesn't have to be sad and she doesn't have to suffer. There is lots of free help for her out there and she will and can feel better. Tell her you going to call the crisis hotline to get her some help and they will put her in touch with resources that can help her. Then call and do what they tell you to do.

    Honestly, no one has to live with depression. It might be hard for her to take that first step but she'll be really happy she did and that you helped her.

    Now seriously go do it. Or tell me her city and I'll post the numbers for you to call.

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