What can a girl do to create more sexual attraction with a man? any tips?
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    What can a girl do to create more sexual attraction with a man? any tips?

    What can a girl do to create more and increase sexual attraction with a man?

    Need a mans opinion, any tips guys?

    Girls welcome to answer too...


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    That's a good question. I think most men will either be attracted or not at first sight. It's like a switch in our brain goes off, our eyes immediatly wander to said woman and our brain processes what we see. The first thing is, flaunt what you have without going overboard. Wearing sweatshirts and jeans might be comfy but it won't attract the eye. You've got to play to our senses, men, the eyes, the ears, the touch, the smell first of all and the taste also but that comes later.

    Eyes : this is true for guys also but wear clothes that fit. Baggy clothes are not sexy, it won't stop a man's attraction to you, but it can limit the number of guys who notice you. If you've got nothing we want to see, we won't know you're there.

    Ears : laughter, giggling always good. Not talking too fast, too long or none stop. I don't care how beautiful a girl is, if she talks too long, never laughs or is just boring us with talk, talk, talk...it's a turn-off

    Nose : a nice perfume always works well, not too much though, just enough to make an impression.

    Touch : Smooth skin, when we touch you or when you touch us (I'm talking any kind of contact, not necessarly sexual), smooth skin definately is a big plus.

    Taste : Well that comes later, but again if you have bad breath when you kiss a guy, that won't appeal to his senses.

    There's of course more, but these are the basics.

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    My favorite clothes come from VS because they fit right and the colors are bold. I don't wear jewelry a lot, but, for a date, yes. Bait for catching fish I think sex appeal is best when its understated or surprises a man. A mixture of naughty and nice seems to appeal to them. Don't be cold but don't be afraid to be a challenge. Be a good conversationalist, laugh, and focus on the person you're spending time with. Smile, be courteous, and get in touch with your natural feminine side. A lot of things we do to draw them in are totally subconcious like looking down and then back into their eyes if we're feeling a little shy. Oh, and never underestimate the effectiveness of letting a man watch you walk- ahead of him, away from him- anything that lets him see your derriere

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenBee View Post
    Oh, and never underestimate the effectiveness of letting a man watch you walk- ahead of him, away from him- anything that lets him see your derriere
    And do the little shake from side to side when you twist hips when you walk :P, just saw that in a movie last night and it was sexy as hell lol, just sayin

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    Dont be skinny, don't be fat. Don't be a emancipated female activist. Don't wear excessive amounts of jewelry. Be thoughtful. Have a nice high voice, have a nice skin complexion, have a clear skin, have soft skin. Be soft. White teeth. Check your lips, your fingers, your palms, your feet, your legs, your breasts for hair, your hair themselves etc. Because that are things men like to play with.

    The value of a woman is her beauty. Improve that and you are done. If your guy is somebody who has plenty of women, then there is nothing more you can do. Except maybe learn how to sing or learn to play the piano and such stuff. But that will not keep a man of high value sticking to you for a long time relationship.

    You can try to force some possibly romantic situations by being cheeky f.e. ... but that only works if the guy is attracted at least a little to you already.

    Good luck.

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    i have been trying to get with a man of high value who i met online, after the first date he said lets stay friends...from your answers it looks like there is nothing i can do...move on and improve my beauty.

    Thanks for your advise guys

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    usually it's not exactly the beauty, which attracts the man, but a strong character and sexual energy. usually i would be attracted to a confident woman with a lot of energy and dominant air. i like a mix of naughty and bossy, however it differs with men nevertheless on exactly how to do it i wouldnt be an expert. however, i think you can develope the same game system as it is for guys and use it on anyone even if you have average beauty just dont look too fat. a little baby fat iis fine though. nevertheless i am still afc in guys game so you would have to find a woman who is an expert on it

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    i have been trying to get with a man of high value who i met online
    I hate to say this but a high value man rarely ever has time to go on online dating sites. Its my opinion he is just having fun and isnt looking into anything serious.

    As for you Madam,

    there is plenty of things you can do to create attraction aside from just looking good.

    I personally love women who can be awesome and look great, those are the girls that stick around in my life.

    yes you have to dress with style, Everyone loves style. but further more there is a few things i have expirenced that just adds chemistry to the conversation.

    dont be holier than thou, Women who think very highly of them selves get put into "one of those" category for A LOT of men. dont get put into that category its not special, we wont see you as special and further more your really not that special. (you are not a special or unique snowflake ~Tyler Durden)


    become "one of us" this category drives MEN wild!! we love to be with a girl who can kick it with the guys. think about it, if you can have fun with us and not get all judgmental. in our minds we think "I cant wait to show her off to all my friends, they will love her!" with this kind of attitude you'll notice a lot more men trying to win your heart.

    DONT sit there waiting for us to come to you. again you'll get placed as "one of those" categories. its so hard for many of us to make that decision to go out and start a conversation. Even when are game is in God mode that very first approach is intense.


    Come to us. you can start with something absolute ridiculous like "I noticed you guys are all wearing X does that mean your gay?" trust me, a man you want to be with will not get offended are start having fun with you. show him you have some balls. he'll like that...does that make him gay? =P

    lastly have fun with the whole crowed not just one guy, you want all his friends to notice how cool you are. you want all of them to compete and have fun with you, normally you just ignore the ones that arent saying anything but the BEST thing is to show some love and respect to those guys. give them a hug or show them a cool hand shake and go back to talking to the social guys for example, Its shows you have a BIG heart and all of the men will see that with eye popping out of their heads over you.

    Have fun and be the Woman

    P.S - you will come across some women that will get jealous, dont bother even arguing. you'll get placed in "one of those". Instead tell your man you want to leave and simply walk away. a real woman who has her shit together doesnt waste energy on other women who gets jealous because she doesnt control her own life or the people who become a part of her life.


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    Hmmm well it varies from person to person. I can list off what I personally like... But what good will that do? I think I can distill it down into two things.

    Things one appear healthy. When I see ribs I tend to get turned off. When I see guts I tend to get turned off. By the same degree look naturally healthy. When I see a woman with every muscle in her body perfectly chizled out.. I want to vomit.

    Second dress, intelligently. What does this mean? First off wear clothes that fit. Don't muffin top in those cute shorts you loved when you were younger. By the same regard don't wear clothes that don't let me see your figure. Second dress according to your body type. Me personally I like women with a smaller bust. However, it drives me up the wall when I see those kinds of women wearing clothing that is meant to emphasize the bust. Your chest is not your strongest attribute don't willingly show off your inadequacy. Wear something that shows off your healthy body.

    That is all I can really think of. If you are under weight or overweight. Get to a healthy weight and that will help a great deal.

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    The guys saying "all women need to do is look beautiful" simply haven't been with that many women. It's so far from the truth. Yes, guys place higher value on physical appearance than girls do, that's a fact. But, that's not even close to end-all for a truly high-status guy. High status guys have plenty of beautiful women in their life, and something other than physical appearance is necessary to distinguish you from the next hottie said high-status male is potentially banging.

    Personality qualities I'm fond of:
    -Intelligence and Depth (if when I ask you what you do for fun, your answer is "partying", you'll never be anything more than a vagina to me. I love to party, but it's not all I'm about.
    -Passion (Dated a girl who LOVES animals; does tons of stuff volunteering for animal shelters and stuff. That's really attractive when a girl has something she loves in life because that's a sign that a potential relationship won't revolve entirely around her wanting to be with me 24/7.)
    -Sense of Humor (I feel like it's more important for the guy to be funny than the girl; but being smart enough to get my jokes that are culturally or intellectually relevant, rather than fart jokes. Basically, appreciation of wit humor, and not just buying tempreature/energy/status humor).
    -Caring/Nurturing (I have a soft spot for really, really sweet girls)

    That being said, if you're looking online for a date, the guy only wants to fuck. Nobody does online dating for relationships anymore.

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