Wings and Places to go in Amsterdam September 15 to 18
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    Wings and Places to go in Amsterdam September 15 to 18

    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone have any suggestions or places for day and night game in Amsterdam?

    Also, I will be in Amsterdam September 15 to 18, so if anyone wants to head out day or night, just pm me.

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    Hey guys, if you guys have any suggestions about places for day or night game in amsterdam let me know.


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    It really depends on what you're looking for actually. The touristcenter has the leidse and rembrandtplein, but there are a LOT of other places you could go. What kind of venues (and girls) do you like?

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    To be honest with you, I am up for anything. I would like to try pubs and night (dance) clubs just to see how it is and obviously to do some game as well, any suggestions?

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