Need some advice on what to do about this chick
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  1. Need some advice on what to do about this chick

    Alright, i met this chick about a year ago through a friend who happens to be a female too. She's cute. Started talking to her consistently about six months ago and i learned she was engaged. Before that things were going well and we were getting to know each other even more than we had. I would text her and tell her to come over to our friends house which is the only place where the group would hangout. She would agree and bring one of her girlfriends with her. We would put on some music and at times they would light up some cannabis and hookah. She would offer me some but i have not smoked for a while so i would decline it. This offering happened a couple of time in several different occasions.
    On one of the occasions we were to meet up after our classes at school and go eat but that girlfriend want to come so she had to go pick her up. Let's just say that was a hastle and she was talking shit about her being late to school because her fiancee want to keep her at home until late in the night, she was talking shit about the girlfriend being at some guy's house and not being ready for today. We then ended up going to the friends house where we could hangout and woke his ass up. After that we grabbed some pizza hut and played at the game place they got in some of them. Did not pay attention to her but the girlfriend because i wanted my friend to extract some info on what she's been going through with the fiancee. Then, we decided to get some salvia after i had to go to another class to turn in some work and we did get some salvia. The group, her, and i took part in the experience. Her fiancee called her and she was still on the salvia and she could not stop laughing. A few hours pass and we were going to go out and grab something to eat... next thing you know there's the boyfriend in front of my friend's house just waiting. Lmao. i open the door, see him, act as if i forgot something, and turn back. That shit was hilarious! Then the boyfriend cockblocks all the way until they leave.
    On another occasion she comes over and we are at the friends house we put some music on turn on his black light, and turn off the light. She was sitting on top of the bed at the edge and i was right below her on some cushions. We have a long conversation on her major, which is psychology, and she says that she has been thinking about becoming an elementary school teacher. Let it be known that eye contact was strong during this conversation. During this conversation she then started to play with this string/bracelet thing i have on my left hang. She asked who had given it to me and i answered my tia, which is spanish for aunt. i guess she liked it. Then i took out my phone and started to play with it. Had some sex game apps and the friend that introduced her to me know that i want her and she types on my phone that i want to bone her. i get the phone back and start cracking up and all of a sudden the girl i was having a conversation with tries to grab the phone from me but right before she does i try to exit the game. Well at least that is what i think happened for the next thirty second me and my friend stay quiet. i hope that she did not see it but who knows. I felt pretty awkward about the whole incident. I forget what happened after that.
    A few more occasions took place but let's skip to the meat. Last time i text her was about a month or two ago around the middle of summer session. I had seen that she was taking her class in the same class as i and we were both taking art 1 at different time. I told her that she does not even talk no more and she hit me back with you are not the one who says hi. I told her that the next day i was going to go up to her but i... i chickened man. The day came and i was studying right before class and her class was let go she left the class and then looked to where she had always seen me and i looked at her and she kept walking. I was given the pity face?

    Alright guys, where do i go from here?

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    I see two problems here :

    1) She's engaged...that's a serious commitement. Maybe things aren't going well, but she still is engaged.
    2) You're probably in the friend zone on her radar. If it's been a year or more and the way she bitches to you about everything, well that sounds like she sees you as a friend. It's very hard to change a woman's mind when she has known you for that long.

    Your best shot would be to query her on her relationship, find out how it's going, ask when the wedding is, things like that. I never advocate trying to get someone's girlfriend, but from the story it seems she might be unhappy. The thing you need to ask yourself is, are you ready to possibly lose this girl as your friend forever? Because it could happen. My advice is go for a kiss. You should have kissed her when you were both on the bed, that playing with your bracelet thing could have been a sign that she wanted you to kiss her. If you do, and she truly is unhappy, one of two things may happen, 1) It could work and it could give her the boost to get out of a bad relationship 2) it could backfire and she could either refuse or go through with it and feel guilty, therefore you loser her. But if you don't try to kiss her, you'll never know.

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