Girlfriend confusing me.

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    Girlfriend confusing me.

    Here's the situation. I met a girl 4 months ago through a client of my workplace. We hit it off very well, and started to go out on some dates. I am 31 and she is 28. She does work quite alot (5-6 days a week), and typically only has the weekends and during the night every other week available to do anything, which I understand. In the beginning, we would see each other 2-3 times a week. We have a ton in common (more than any other girl I have ever met), and I genuinely like the time we spend together.

    Here's where it gets odd. First off, she hates phones, so I have to text her, and she hardly ever initiates any conversation (I usually have to do it first). She told me she doesn't like any touchy/feely stuff (yes we had sex twice, but apparently that doesn't count in her eyes). I barely can get her to hold my hand when we are in public (she did do this early in the relationship). I try to compliment her (she is very attractive in my eyes), and she doesn't even really know how to respond, I don't think she's ever said thanks, just kind of blows the compliment off (says she's not used to it). She plans out stuff for her and her friends but I can't seem to get her for more than 1 day every 2-3 weeks anymore (she says she's busy and/or goes out with friends, or just totally forgets any plans we might have made, even if I remind her pretty close to the date). Let's just say I know for a fact that she isn't busy alot of the time, and seems to like staying at home instead of doing anything with me (I'm not exactly asking for alot of time here!). I have given her a ton of space and it just seems like that isn't working. I recently stopped texting her since she forgot another planned outing (yea real mature, but I was genuinely upset, we didn't fight or anything but I just had enough and stopped the texting), and she hasn't texted me in 4 days.

    It just seems like I'm spinning my wheels here, she obviously wants something way more casual than what I was led to believe in the beginning. I do really like this girl, but I definitely don't love her yet. She told me that it takes her a LONG time to get to that point with anyone. At the rate she's acting, that could be next century. Any opinions would be great. Thanks!

  2. Kick her to the fuckin curb, your the man remember. Next, quit wasting your time, her actions are speaking louder than her words. Don't tolerate this type of behavior, you should have more self respect.

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    Sounds like she's just not that into you. Four months in you should still be in the honeymoon period where you can't wait to get your hands on each other and want to spend time together as much as you can. Let her go and find a girl who actually has the hots for you.


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    Yeah, its just not working out, and you're acting needy. Realize that the relationship probably wont work out and look for someone else.

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