Somerville/Cambridge/Boston Wings
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    Somerville/Cambridge/Boston Wings

    Yo, I'm looking for some wings in the Cambridge/Boston who are willing to work on technique with me. I'm not super lay-focused -I just want to get the game right and have someone push me (and of course I'd reciprocate). Right now my friends aren't cutting it since they don't believe in the game or even open sets. They also don't light that fire under my ass that I need. Check out my profile.



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    I'd be up for going out, if you're ok with an "old man" as a wing. But would need to be venues that have women in my age range as well as yours ..... I'm not into young chicks, about 28 would be the youngest...
    It might be an odd match, but I do have some experience & judgement and will get you off your ass and opening sets... I just feel like I'm too old for the screwy openers like "floss before or after brushing"..... but I've found a few that work ok for me...
    Oh, if you're super lay focused, you'll come across needy, and you won't get laid. One of my best pickups was at an airport... after boarding the plane we swapped seats to continue our conversation and we were making out before we landed! It happened mostly because I acted like a cool shit but indifferent and not in the least needy...

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    I'm a student in the Cambridge/Somerville area. I'm new to PU, but I'm willing to learn, push and be pushed. PM me if you want to meet up.

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    I'm totally down to wing for anyone anytime! PM me!

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    Also down to wing anytime. PM me.

  6. In the Boston area for a month and looking to day-game and of course going out at night...anyone down?

  7. Where are you in the Boston area? I'm looking to go daygaming and of course out at night..

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