What should I do?
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  1. What should I do?

    Met an Austrian girl last Xmas in the Maldives. We had a few common friends so we hit it off immediately. We were already hooking up on the first night and we slept together within the first few days.

    At the end of the holiday we both went our own ways due to prior arrangements but kept texting and emailing each other an an almost daily basis. At first our contact was full of I miss yous, can't wait to see yous, etc. Over time that fizzled out but we were stil in daily contact and somehow the subject of when we would see each other kept on coming up with both of us being keen.

    We now both live in the same country although at different ends so it makes for a 2 hour drive. We decided to see each other a month ago and so I went to her place, we had a few drinks, got dinner etc. The ambiance was hardly sexual and we only started making out towards the end and ended up sleeping in each others arms. Next day I left, kiss good bye. Hope to see you soon... And left it at that....

    Since then things have been very strange, she always used to initiate text convos and be quite involved. Now she hardly ever initiates conversations, and even when I do, she is quite cold.

    I texted her about this and asked why she was being distant if anything had changed and she said no, she had just been very busy but that she would like to see me again.

    Despite this her text messages are still cold and don't show much affection. I occasionally throw in the occasional miss you, or thinking of u. She always used to reply to these and reciprocate but not any more.

    She has told me twice that she would like to see me soon, I am quite keen but am confused because of her push-pull attitude.

    What am I dealing with. What should I do? I do see myself eventually being in a relationship with her so ideally I would like to escalate into that.

    We both have mutually said that we like eachother.


  2. I take it you dumped your gf you discuss in the other post?

  3. Yes. She's out of the picture. What do u think the situation with the one described above is?

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    Less texting, make actual plans to meet up with her, she will only stay interested in the ongoing chatter if she actually gets real dates in between. Tell her you are heading over *** night and taking her to do ****.

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    well it seems to me that you guys had a fun exciting time in maldives and were caught in the moment. when you got back together a second time i think you failed to put her in that same mind state and she lost attraction. whenever you meet up with a woman you have to remind her of why she loves being around you. remember attraction is like a balloon.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by davidjamescrimmon View Post
    Yes. She's out of the picture. What do u think the situation with the one described above is?
    Interesting because at 4:40 PM yesterday (8/9) you posted that you were in an exclusive relationship and at 2:19 AM today (10 hours later) you're asking about another woman whom you met in the Maldives.

    Something doesn't gel... and if you are that bad at lying on a forum where you can easily edit, retract, change... how bad are you going to be with your gf on FB and every other social media outlet that I presume you're boasting about your conquests and playboy ways.

  7. I met her last Xmas just before I started dating my (recently ex) gf. I don't see what there is to not understand.

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    Interesting, because 2 years ago you started dating your ex-girlfriend, and yesterday we found pictures of you exchanging briefcases with the President of the Maldives less than 20 minutes before the plane the Austrian girl was travelling in disappeared over the Bermuda triangle.

    Is there something you're not telling us, pal?

    Just fucking with you. Majestik nailed it.

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    Or Davidjamescrimmon, if that is your real name, maybe you should follow the advice that you yourself gave to Zoran325 in this thread who's query was vaguely,um....identical to your own. ROGUE! haha.

  10. If I do end up seeing her again what's a good way to pile on the attraction from the first minute?

    And in the mean tome should I be more distant while texting to make her miss me or should I go back to how it was before with the daily texting to make her realise that she enjoys talking to me?


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