The fake boyfriend gambit.
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    The fake boyfriend gambit.

    Ok, so.
    Me and a good friend of mine were going out.
    I see a SUPER hot chick, like madly hot WHoaaa!.. HB8 for sure. If olivia wilde is 9, then ye 8 is golden.

    Apparently my friend knew her ( in a friendship kinda way ) I said Hi, she said " hey, do I know you , you look like I know you"
    I said, nahh, I've never seen u in ma life!.
    SHe said " oh ok, you'll have allot of hot woman here with that accent!"
    ( I'm english, and living in states atm. )

    That was about it, she talked to my friend for like a minute and then left.

    THIS was the Fb conversation after i added her.

    Hey *name*,

    *my friend's name* kinda pushed me to add you. He's a good friend so I trust him.

    People with a great personality, sense of humor and good outlook on life are hard to come by. SO hey, I'm curious



    Hey, well thanks! Nice to meet you the other night.


    Hey, yea! so I'm pretty busy this week so how bout next weekend. I'll probably go karting, rollerblading or maby climbing. Anything stupid most likely you should join.


    ah i can't, my boyfriend is coming into town. we'll have to hang out sometime though!

    OK, my Question to you mPUA's, what to answer?
    I thought of something like this.

    " oh that's cool! bring that dude along. I'll bring some of my hot girlfriends so it won't be awkward!

    Gimme some thoughts!!


  2. Yeah, if you just wanna shit test her, thatīs one way of doing it.

    What do you want with this woman?
    Friendship? Hope to snatch her from her (fake?) BF? Other?

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    sex.... ?.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by steponit View Post
    sex.... ?.
    Hehe, fair enough
    In that case you simply need to be very blunt and direct.
    She is obviously already looking for a distraction or adventure outside her RS, and gave you pretty clear IOI - so I think you need to fix the practicalities of where and when, and just get it done.
    Be careful u donīt waste too much time on this woman - she could be someone who simply likes to keep men on tap to stroke her ego or similar.
    And again: Remember that you are messing with someone elseīs woman. Not all BFs are happy about that.

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    so how could i respond to her message?

  6. Well, in that case you might as well shit-test her on the validity of her BF, and send the message you suggested.
    Iīd leave out the "hot" in "hot GFs" though. Sounds like you are trying too hard to sell yourself as cool.

    AND- she only suggested you "hang out sometime", which is a zero-investment line.
    You need to plan something for a specific night, and then suggest she drops by with her BF.
    Bowling or similar is perhaps an easygoing and affordable way to test the waters?

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    so something like this?

    oh that's cool! bring that dude along. I could bring some of my girlfriends so it won't be awkward! I'm gonna go rockclimbing sat afternoon between 3-6pm in climbmax, depending on what time I have my flight. dresscode = zombie

  8. More like this?:

    OK, thatīs cool.
    I'm going rockclimbing Saturday afternoon at 3-6pm in Climbmax with a couple of girlfriends.
    Bring that dude along, and letīs meet there.
    [your name]

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