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    The Path To Enlightenment by Ammo

    First off, let me tell you all something about myself:

    My name is Ammo(101) and I'm on the pathway of becoming my best self that always developing and evolving. I got into pick-up because of frustration, the same frustration that made me do a lot of things in my life and I think that frustration is caused by being unconfident and very self aware.

    I think a lot of you guys can relate to that, however, I've always tried to do something about it. I always tried to be one of the cool people, to be the smart and fun guy that people want to be around, to become the guy with six-pack abs and yet somehow it never really worked.

    Yes, building my body and acting like a guy who doesn't give a shit has got me a bit attention from girls, but every time some girl liked me, I completely ruined it by being a total needy AFC. So this frustration has let me on a new pathway, a pathway that is partly about girls but is mostly about enlightenment: building and perfecting my inner self.

    Now that you know what i'm about, here are a few facts:
    - I'm 18 years old and I'm from Holland.
    - I have been doing this for half a year (i'll summarize that time in a bit).
    - I used to have a pretty long relationship around the time that all my friends started going out, so I never really learned that is was great and I used to judge people who were going out.
    - For cold approach I mainly use Lovesystems (or MM/StyleLife) products.
    - I have a few wingmen who I sarge with but most importantly have FUN with.
    - For me this is a glorified hobby, even though I think this is the most important thing i'm doing with my life at the moment.

    As stated above, I've been doing this for about half a year. In that period i've first been developing myself by using David DeAngelo products, then I found out Mystery Method and the Game and I started going out using cold approach. I've gotten in quite a bit nice conversations by cold approach and the best thing about it for me is just meeting new people, which in my opinion is just great and very interesting. The main thing this first few months was just discovering that it was possible to just start talking to people and discovering that there is nothing wrong with ME, just with the way that I used to behave myself (which is a habit and can be unlearned).

    After this, I think it was two months ago, I've gotten to know a few people who are also into pick-up. We created a little group and we have been going out regularly since. Finally I'm getting some results. I've #-closed a lot of girls and I am having good results by using textbook text gam, I've kiss closed once (and will again soon) and i've taken girls on instant dates when doing day game and night game.

    From here on I am going to keep posting in this topic what I've been doing and experiencing in field and I hope I'll receive some good and helpful feedback!

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    Tomorrow is sarge day! I'll probably try to meet up with a girl I met 2 weeks ago and me and my group will be doing cold approach. I want to create a good set of routines I regularly use, i'm going to make a list of lines/routine i'm going to use tomorrow and i'll let you guys know what they are and how it went!

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    Wow, last night was great. I went out with 3 of my PU friends and we did good cold approach and as a group (and individuals) we are getting better and better. The best thing about it is that I only sarged a few times with these guys and now we are discovering how to wing properly. We used buying temperature to build up attraction in our sets and we did some good comfort building.

    The 3 most memorizable sets were:
    1. The first girl I opened myself which I talked to for a good 15 minutes and then tried to fb close when she asked my number.
    2. A set with a guy in it (I used to hate mixed sets but they are great!=D) in which I gave the guy advice on which study would be a good choice for him (leader of men attraction switch) in the end, fb close.
    3. A set me and one of my friends opened near a club, our other friends came to join us with 2 girls that they had sarged (we all used buying temperature ) and we all went inside the club. Somehow lost my own set but me and one of my friends later kiss closed the other set of girls and we went for the f-close, unfortunately one of the girls was cockblocking (because she thought my friend was too old) so it didn't happen.

    Tonight i'm going out with some non-PUA friends so i'm just going to have fun, maybe i'll be doing some cold approach but I can't promise anything!

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    So as I said I would, I went out again last night. I wasn't as victorious as the night before but still it felt pretty good.

    I opened lots of sets and blew a few of them UP in the air. I tried to do a few 'stupid' things, for example: when I tried to just introduce myself to some ugly girls (for some reason ugly girls often have HUGE bitchshields) and I told some hot stuck up girls that they were really hot so they completely blew me out.

    I also tried direct game in a bar, opened the girlfriend of an HB9,5 who was really the only girl worth the trouble and I told her to introduce me to her friends I told the HB9,5 that she was a total cutie and asked her if she had a boyfriend (pretty stupid but whatever). She told me she did but still I had a pretty good conversation with her, I then walked away (for some stupid reason, and came back later to get her FB (which I got).

    By the way it's worth mentioning that I was with a group of friends of which a few were huge cockblocks/DLV's. Because after this we ran into the girlfriend of one of my friends who was with some of her friends. One of her friends was hot HB8 so I acted on it, did immediate kino escalation and started dancing with her. For some stupid reason I told one of my DLV friends to get the other friend (HB7) and within a minute the HB7 stole my HB8 away from me and they ran off.

    I also ran into a few girls I already knew and had some short conversations, for some reason I just went out of there fast. It was really stupid because I still have to go through the complete emotional progression model with these girls (and every time I had a pretty good reason to leave) but I guess I was just afraid to fuck it up though.

    It was a pretty good night but I should have stayed in the set with the HB9,5, should have used a good wing for the HB7 and should have kept talking to the girls who I already knew (and am working on through phone, online and text game). I need to eliminate any fear of rejection when (which is especially relevant with my normal friends, because they feel like I should prove 'PUA' to them) I'm going out and I feel that if I can make these changes more K-close and maybe even F-closes should occur soon!

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    I went out again last night, first I had a little BBQ party at my house where 2 girls I met via Facebook-gaming attended. I started gaming both girls and started getting IOI's, they also liked kissing each other on the lips so when we all went out afterwards and I was planning to kiss both girls there and try to get a threesome.

    I think I shouldn't have been so eager for that because when we were out they were acting jealous when I was flirting with the other girl. When I eventually got frustrated I started opening other girls and they got even more 'bitchy' which was actually pretty funny. I opened a few sets but when I was in a nightclub the music was way to loud to even talk to girls (I know I should speak up but I couldn't genuinely hear a some of the girls and they couldn't speak up) so we went to a bar where we opened a lot of sets. I just started talking for the fun of it and got one FB close.

    I didn't even feel like trying the first girls anymore so I just went home and went to sleep, it was a really cool night even though there were no real results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ammo101 View Post
    I'm on the pathway of becoming my best self that always developing and evolving.
    Glad to see more people coming to this community to be a better person as opposed to being better at getting women. If you focus on becoming your best self, as opposed to 'how many numbers can I get in a night', then you are destined to succeed. Being your best self will yield results with women; incredible results.

    I wish you all the best on your journey to discovering and unleashing your best self

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    Yesterday night I did some daygaming with 2 of my day game wings, we opened some sets but when i'm doing day game and i'm going direct I only want to talk to girls who I really find attractive and for some reason there were not a lot of them present. I'll give a summery of the most memorizable sets as always.

    Eventually I found one set with a girl that I found really attractive [Set 1] when I approached and told her that she had an amazing style and I had to come talk to her she said thanks but they were in a rush, "I told her no problem, goodnight" but damn (I forgot) I should have just said "all right, give me your number and i'll call you sometime".

    Set 2: I opened to girls who were sitting and an outside coach and looked really hot from afar. I have to tell you guys, I've never seen anything like it, this girl who was really cute had 2 front teeth with a gab in between, I still can't believe it. I kept talking to them just for practice and then aborted the set ASAP.

    Set 3: We went into a bar and my wing opened a set with a really hot girl (HB 9) and a pretty lame girl (HB 6,5), I entered the set with "am I missing out?" and started winging the lame girl. Unfortunately the other girl told my wing that she was just looking to have fun and wasn't interested so we aborted the set. Later when my wing had to leave early I re-opened the set and got blown out eventually.

    Set 4: Me and my last wingman went into another bar where I saw 3 gorgeous girls sitting at a table, I opened them with an opinion opener and started to tease the girls about talking simultaneously and was having a great conversation with the hottest girl of the 3 when my wing came in. This guy is lacking experience and is really insecure (but is doing REALLY well the last few weeks) so he didn't really introduced himself and ended up just standing there. I think there was no worse DLV he could've gave me, the girl thought I was hanging with a guy who was on drugs and I had to abort the set, FB close.

    It was a pretty good night but I was hoping for better results, I feel like my approach anxiety is really leaving me and I already feel a lot better about myself now that I actually am able to be more like the person that I think I should be.

    KCILS, thanks for the support dude

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    Allright, I'm sorry to have kept you guys waiting for so long but here is an update.

    Last week I had an introduction week for my new school and we went out every night. It was a lot of fun but I was the only person not drinking alcohol so I was a bit of an outsider. I did open a few sets outside of my group (and nr-closed) but this week was more about just meeting people and that's exactly what I did. And one of my wings got his first F-close that week so I was pretty happy for him.

    Then the day before yesterday I went day gaming and it was a bad day for me, non of my sets REALLY hooked even though I did have a few fun conversations there was no good attraction going on. I was questioning myself so yesterday night I went out again and did some day- and bargame, bar game went pretty good I had a set hooked, was getting IOI's, was building kino and was bouncing them when suddenly they started acting weird when I asked for their names for Facebook because they took my picture. They were like "huh.. why do you want my name" and even though I explained why they were still acting weird. Eventually me and my wing just left when they were acting totally weird but I did get the FB.

    The last 2 days made me realize I have to step my game up, I'm not making as much progress as I should and I think it's because I'm opening so many sets that I'm completely forgetting the rules. I don't use the emotional progression model enough and it's like i'm just having a normal conversation. I'm going to get back into using a transitioner (in stead of questions which I'm using lately), a disqualifyer (which i'm sometimes just don't know WHEN to use, I think i'm going to stack one into another routine), time constraints and DHV spiked stories. I have to play by the rules!

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    You're extremely optimistic, and that is something you have to treasure like a fucking lottery ticket. I read your posts and I can't help but just feel proud and happy about how you're doing. That's great, and chicks must really dig it.

    As for your post on the 20th of August, if your wing comes and starts acting awkward, try to take handle of things. You will exude that "leader of men" switch if you talk for him. Introduce him to the other girls, and see his success as your own.

    Most of my game revolves around cocky funny, so whenever I'm with a friend that's highly DLV'ing himself, I make a stupid excuse for him that cracks everyone up, including him. In your situation, I probably would have said something like: "Sorry about my friend not being so talkative tonight, we just robbed a bank a few blocks down the road and he was in charge of carrying the money, so he's a bit worn out."

    Good luck though, seems like you're doing great

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    Oh yes,
    I strongly believe that everytime you feel like you are plateau-ing you are about to get to another (higher) level, and that's exactly what happened.
    I did night game yesterday night and tonight and it went great even though there are only 2 memorizable sets.

    Set 1 (yesterday night):
    This was the first set I opened after I attended a free RSD meeting and they opened up really well. I think it was 5 girls of which of course one was my target. I can't remember what I opened them with but it was something along the lines of "wow, seems like you guys are having a lot of fun on a weeknight, what is up!?". I immediately started gaming and in a few minutes I was with my target and we were a little bit isolated from the group. This was the first time I really went completely through the emotional progression model and it worked like a charm. I asked some good screening qualification questions and then I did some comfort building while in between I was building a lot of kino. After I was I think 10-15 minutes in I kiss closed the target by asking "between 1-10 how good of a kisser are you?" and when she answered something like 7,5 I threw her against the wall and started making out.

    I pulled out pretty fast and my move was so slick that she immediately asked "all right, what number am I tonight", I told her she was the first and I went back making out with her. In what I think was like half an hour (with little takeaways and teasing) I was almost having dance floor sex with the girl and we were rubbing our hands on each other through our pants. This was the moment of truth and because the logistics didn't allow the possibility of me taking her home I thought I should take her to the bathroom and fuck her. In the end though, she was complaining a lot about her friends watching us and I felt like the victory was already mine and I could take the prize some other time. I took her number and now she's stalking me on the phone haha. Whether I will continue this with her or not, this is a personal victory: it's my 3th make-out since I've started this (2 months) and that's about half of the make-outs I've had in my life. It's time to get the instant F-closes but before that I have to be 1. more consistent and get 2. my own place to take girls (this is how I discovered one of my problems, I don't want to take short time girls to my parents!).

    Set 2 (tonight):
    Me and some of my love systems wings went out to do some cold approach again. We had a great dinner first and then the real party started. We opened a few sets here and there but because we were with a group of 6 people it was kind of hard to open small groups and for some reason the girls were too young (not for me, but for my wings). Anyways, we went into a bar and me and one of my wings see too really hot, model like, fake tit'ed, way to tan HB9's on a table. We approached them and my wing opened them with the puppies 80's opener and we immediately cut them off and we both started talking to one of the girls each.

    The girl I was talking to was a car model and she was wearing all sorts of designer things that she gets for free and shit. I was like this girl is WAAAAY out of my league but then I realized this is my life now and the only thing that makes her out of my league is me thinking it! So I continued the conversation and everything was going well, I did some disqualification, some cold reading and when I started getting a few IOI's (Hellyeah I got them) I did some qualification and I build kino to a point where I felt that we could easily bounce them.

    She even started asking me things like what I do for a living but I think I screwed up a little bit there because I was telling her 'I'm this and I'm that' instead off just telling a good story or making fun. Unfortunately the girls told us they had to leave (I think both me and my wing made a few small mistakes and with these kinds of girls there is just less room for mistakes) and we were not able to bounce them but we did number close. Now I have a real-deal hotties number to work on my "UGTPG" phone and text game skills which is different from the somewhat regular girls that I've been texting the last few weeks.

    I feel like i'm getting well rounded, tonight I also tried to have a sexual presence like Cajun describes and I think i'm going to do more of that a LOT. My last set tonight was me just climbing up de side of some stairs to get to a girl that gave me a little look and I told her "If you look at me like that you should at least talk to me", it went great until her soon to be showed up, haha.

    By the way, on the RSD conference I met a online dating guy and i'm going to try some online dating aswell, it can't hurt to try RIGHT!?

    @ getsum thanks man, i'm going to definitely try something like that next time that it happens.

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