Out of a relationship and needs time
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  1. Out of a relationship and needs time

    Hey guys,

    I finally managed to get a date with this girl which i liked for a long time. She was in a relationship for a long time before (3 years) and has been single for the past 2 months now. The date was great ! She was engaged in the conversation, interested in everything about me and when the date was over we also had a talk about a possible second date. I also gave her a rose when i dropped her home Next day her sister msgs me and tells me how happy she was with the rose !

    2 days later I txt this girl and ask her if she would like to get a quick lunch ... I get no answer I talked to her sister and a few minutes later i recieve text from the girl saying that she had been going through a rough time and shes is till not over it and that she needs some time ... Her sister msgd me right after also telling me to be patient with her and give her some time and space and everything will be fine.

    I msgd back telling her that I understood her situation and that Im here if she needs a friend.

    My question is, how do i keep in touch with her without seeming to be insistent and respecting her space ... I think that maybe hanging out as friends for now, while she gets over her last relationship wouldnt be a problem, but I might be wrong. Also I dont want to get in the friend zone with her, so maybe I should just respect her space. Maybe send a msg every 3 days to see how she is ? Any ideas?

  2. I would not hang out with a girl coming out of a long term relationship. You don't want to be her validation. I know for me, only a month out, I'm no good for anyone other than simple dates very, very sporadically with no intention on my part of going further. I am very open about this as well, so most men, just take a pass on even for a first date. Smart men, those guys are and thankfully, they are not offended when told the truth.

    Be one of them

    If in another few months, she is still appealing to you, approach her again. My guess is she'll find some rebound guy, dump him, and then finally be ready for a relationship again. Be there at that point.

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    give her the space. being busy is attractive and most women tend to become curious of a man's whereabouts. in the mean time, don't limit your options. go out, do your own thing and meet some nice ladies.

    "give her the gift of missing you"

  4. Thanks guys

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    I completely agree with everyone above however that is NO EXCUSE to not practice your texting/staying on her radar skills! Absolutely give her space and make her miss you but that doesnt mean you cant work on your witty low investment texts you feel like sending every few days =)

    It will take her a long time to get over a 3 year relationship so make sure you keep yourself entertained with other fun attractive women in the mean time.

    Good luck

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