Shes my girl officially....what now? I wanna make her fall in LOVE

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  1. Shes my girl officially....what now? I wanna make her fall in LOVE

    Hey guys. Ive been seeing this girl about 3 months. The night after we had sex (last week) she had the talk and told me she likes me and dosent want me to talk to other girls. I told her id give her 100% of my trust, but if she fucked it up its done.

    Were together now and i have enough experience to know how to keep her attracted...push and pull etc. But she saw me flirting with a girl on fb and now she thinks i didnt mean what i said about how i have feelings for her.

    I kinda have a cloud around my brain, but i really like her. How can i make her fall in love with me? I dont want to overdue anything but i just wanna keep hernhappy and always be unpredictable. She really likes me and ive told her my career and goals are important.

    Share your creative ways youve kept your girl happy and how you made her fall for u.


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    Dates. Never stop dating your girl. New, fresh, exciting. Always. New places and surpises.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sergio1 View Post
    But she saw me flirting with a girl on fb.
    That will kill attraction, interest, trust, and happiness immediately.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Nottadoc View Post
    That will kill attraction, interest, trust, and happiness immediately.
    I know.. Truth is i dont have any interest in the other girls. Feel free to add any tips, i always like to learn new ways on improving myself and my relationship in this case.

  5. Well, for starters, get off FB. If you are on FB, only post pictures of you or you with your girl, or you with your family.

    You are young and I'm presuming your gf is as well. Little things (and often) mean a lot - things like teddy bears, stuff she likes, things that will remind her of you and her together, and stuff like that; affirmation by actions, words, deeds. Gifts are cool as long as thoughtful and spontaneous.

    So many men overdo the gift part and the women get greedy, and then look at the man as weak. Don't do that. For instance, if you buy/do two things for her, she should reciprocate or wait until she does.

    Learning these things now will serve you well as you get older. Try to balance the things you do for and with her, though, by remaining strong, confident, solid. Those things are what truly gets most women's hearts, imo.

  6. What I've learned is to never lose your frame. Why a girl falls for a guy in the first place can vary, but certain qualities are generally always present, and those are the qualities you must always hold onto.

    Confident, dominant, funny, not clingy, and not overly emotional.

    I screwed up my last relationship because I lost most of these qualities. Girls shit test and do all sorts of precautionary things to ensure that you are worth being in a LTR in. I folded, she took all the power, she basically began to resent me, and the relationship failed. Oh, and jealousy is not healthy. Trying to create jealousy for whatever reason will bite you in the ass.

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