GF of 1.5 years - move in with her or leave it?
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    GF of 1.5 years - move in with her or leave it?

    I recently decided to move in with my GF of 1.5 years this coming September, but then we had like 3 rather bad fights about some stupid stuff, in just 2 weeks, and now I'm not so sure about that any more.

    To begin with she is really cute, HB9, great body, 31 years old while I am 37. We really love each other and 90% of the time we are happy together, however the other 10% can be hell.

    She's been wanting to live together for a while now and recently I have decided we should do so. However after these fights (one was about me not wanting to come over to see her the day she wanted me to, the other while watching a movie, and the third just recently, over some pizza... yeah it was really absolutely ridiculous). However during the third fight she just said "I guess I should be living alone". That was last Friday. Today she took it back but I was like, with all this fighting going on I'm not sure if we would be happy living together... She was then like, if I don't wanna move in with her we might as well break up. Go figure!

    I really love her and want to be with her, but I am quite nervous about moving in! Can it really work with a girl who can get upset about something that's not even my fault, and will then be mad at me for a day or two?

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    The conversations where me and my ex had talked about moving in together, directly preceded a bunch of seemingly unrelated arguments and ultimately a break up in my last relationship. I think psychologically the "move in" is really a big turning point, which forces you to think about whether you want to be with the person for the rest of your life. Being good "for the time being" will no longer hack it when you're living with her- so even if til now you've been at eachother's places every night, the implied change in the relationship that accompanies the move-in will be big, even if the practical change is not. I also think "moving in to save the relationship" seems incredibly weak and will be a bad choice. I think given what you described, you are not ready yet to move in with her. I would tell her, lets give it another 6 months and see. If she is going to impose such strict ultimatums on you, and is unwilling to wait a few more months without breaking up, that should tell you something about how she feels about your relationship.

  3. Her hot body isn't going to make her more agreeable when splitting chores, doing dishes, etc. Don't get your dick get into your head and focus on how whether you enjoy her outside of the bedroom because, let's face it, you're going to be spending much more time not having sex than having sex.

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    The fights are going to continue and get more ridiculous, but you have to ask yourself who's the one pushing buttons, you or her, and why they're going from bickering to bad fights.

    10 percent is too high. If you move in together, expect that to double to 20 percent.

    Usually moving in together isn't any big deal, but you also have to look at how responsible she is in general, and how she handles her own bills. The biggest fights in a relationship involve finances.

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