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    FIeld reports: Snupas

    Hey all,
    My nickname Snupas, Im 24 , not new to game and was doing it for 2 years. I mostly do night club game as Im very busy during week and dont have time to game on daily basis(i do text game on daily basis tho).Most of my friends are PUA and we actually doing pick up as competition between each other sometimes even bet money on it

    Weaknesses: arrogance,over confident,

    Strength: successful,good social circle(have a lot of connections and most of the time on VIP/guest list in the clubs),witty,good sense of humour,always leading,socialable, have an athlete body,play soccer on club level,gymming 6 days a week,talkative, quite unemotional,friendly,like extreme sports and adrenaline in general and a lot more. Here is report from Saturday 23/07/2011

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    SATURDAY 23/07/2011
    My gf grandfather passed away and we agreed i take her,her sister and best gf out for drinks.At 3pm i pull buy and take them out. To cut it short at 8pm they go to rock band concert and i dont like rock so I said I was going home but on way home I decided to stop by my usual night club Cubana to greet owner and maybe chat to some girls.
    As i approach the club i meet bouncers at the entrance, door lady and notice there is a new door lady (she is pretty, i wud give her an 8,). I ignore her completely while talking to the door lady i know, at one stage I just turn my head and over the shoulder say "Hey you must be new, as i havent seen you before, Im Snupas" , she smiles back and say "yes im. Im Judith". I smile and say "nice to meet you, when did you start" , we banter few phrases , she is totally interested she asks me "where i from, what i do and etc" then she tells me she is Italian , so we hit travelling topic and topic about Italy, her background and how she ended up here . Then i say "you must have been born here since you dont have an accent ", she says "yes" then we talk about some sports and activities , connection is there , we were talking for good 25minutes already when i got tapped on back , its my italian friend and he invites me to join him and his gf at club next door as its his gf's bday. I number close Judith and go to club next door
    It's 10 pm i feel tired and not in party mood at all, gf just msged me asking if i got home ok and i replied "yes". At that stage i'm just sitting at the table quietly, i dont feel like talking to anyone and i dont feel like meeting anyone. I want to go home. Then i see 2 girls walking in tall blonde(HB10,FHM model in South Africa, not international) and her ungly friend(HB6, i know her as my AFC friend was dating her for 2 month) , at first i was thinking to just go home as i was tired but next to me standing 3 rugby guys(quite big, def bigger than me) and one of them says "check guys i will go and get that blondes number now easily(In SA main sport is rugby so if you play rugby you can pull chick similar like soccer in Europe). I hear that and i decide "no, you wont pal because im gonna go and steal that blonde right in front of your nose" . So i carry on sitting and waiting for him to go open, after a minute or 2 he goes , very direct, gud body language so they involved in conversation(the only mistake he made is he forgot about HB6...idiot) . I stand up and go through the crowd and HB 6 notice me so she stops me and we start chatting(at this moment i facing HB10 and rugby guy with my back), i made HB6 laugh , she totally enjoys the convo then i turn my head to look what blonde is doing (she looks bored, while i was talking to HB 6 , the rugby guy's friends pulled over) so i tell HB6 "your blonde friend looks bored over there" . Hb6 calls blonde over instantly, blonde come over with words "Do you remember me?" (I met her before as my friend was dating HB6 but he asked me not to hit on HB6 friends so my options were limited and i have never interacted with her long body still doesnt face the blonde) At this moment the look on rugby guys face was priceless. I half turn my body towards the blonde and say "yes i do remember you but i dont remmeber your name. Im Snupas"(i put my hand forward) She replies"im Yvette" and shakes my hand. I ask them "what are they plans?", we cheap chat for 5 minutes then i say i gotta go find my friends. I go back to Cubana for 5 min and then go back to find blonde and hb6 , they sitting outside of the club. HB6 sees me smiles and says join us. I show some hesitation but eventually join them.I start chatting but pay more attention to NB6 and tease HB10 , i neg hb10 that "she is shy and doesnt talk much" .We exchange some stories , i told them how i went bugee jumping 2 weeks ago and how i like speed. Then I tell them about new night club and they agree to go with me there this weekend. It's becoming boring outside so i offer to go on dance floor . I dance with both of them , neg blonde again , At that point blonde is totally hooked she touches me ,she feels comfortable but here come obstacle,a girl i met last weekend, she stormed in hugs me and atmoshere is gone . I can see blonde and HB6 are tired so I tell them to go home and sleep off and we party next weekend , i number close blonde and they leave . After they left i went to find obstacle and k-closed her as she was pretty drunk .
    Over all i was very pleased about screwing rugby guys, i just love doing that ....

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    here is what the plan for this weekend:
    Friday evening i might spend with a gf or i will go meet girls in club if i choose second option then field report to follow on Monday
    saturday morning : visiting my gf at her hairsalon for hair cut and her best gf promised me a full body massage , looking forward to massage of course. For evening i arrange a meet up with HB9.5 -dancer(shud have hooked up before but those exams postponed everything)said not exotic dancer :-( here is how text went:
    me:hey Lala, saw you passed ur exam!congrats,all the nerd evenings/days paid off...u r big boss now! (she did CFA, basically a course to become CEO)
    her:thanks Snupas :-)very happy,but ony 1/3 of the way :-( do u know if "my friends name " made it? why are u in hospital, u ok? (hug face)
    me:1/3? aaa dam then u still gonna study..."friends name" is in Russia for 3 weeks already,havent seen him. i had horrible stomachache last nite, was in hospital from 12 am, funny part they didnt find anything wrong x_x what u doing on saturday?
    her:get better soon! im dancing saturday nite but not for long!where u partying?:-)
    me:thank you i will. im first going to friends house n then im thinking to hit a nite club.which nite club is busy on saturday? havent been to Joburg in while
    her: latinova,Set,Velevet,Movida,Clapham,BudhaTa.Plenty to choose from;-)im going to party big next wkd either at Icon n Latinova. I might do bungee on 14th of August at orlando with a bunch of peeps if you wanna join :-p
    me:whats Velvet?havent been there yet.... i might stop at BudhaTa,pop by after u finished with dancing ;-)wud b nice to c u.Whats occasion for next wkd?lets talk about bungee closer to 14th i will def try to join
    her:i will bbm u on sat.i have not been to Velvet yet,its just opened.No special occasion,just this wkd a lot of ppl r away so will b making up for it next wkd. Enjoy ur day! kisses and hugs (hug face)
    me:cool we must def try that new club soon! speak on Sat then.Enjoy ur day too! mwa (hug face)

    Detailed report to follow on Monday

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    Friday spent with gf so nothing to report there but managed to get gf free time on saturday as i planned.
    Saturday went to cut my hair and got my massage doesnt look like i will be able to pull 3some here , my gf's best friend is off for 9 month on oversee trip :-(
    At night i went to night club and had most boring time , it was half empty, the dancer girl didnt come as the dancing time has changed and she had to dance at club longer than expected.Anyway approached a table of 7 guys and 2 girls just for the sake of approaching, it was long table and i approach the closest guy to the girls. I opened him as "hey dude , dont i know you from somewhere?" we talk for a while , im facing girls with my back, after 1 minute talking to a guy i turn my head towards girls and loudly say "hi" , girls turn towards me and look confused (they didnt hear what i said ) so i repeat "hey, im snupas" still not facing girls , girls intriduce themselves. At this stage i ignore the guy, he did the purpose he was meant to be . I find out that one girl is Croatian(She will be HB6) and another one is South African(HB7.5) , girls ask "where i from" and so on some standard questions i make them laugh and HB6 offers to sit down as i still was standing there(the guy sitting there with shocked faced and not realizing what d fuck just happened), HB7.5 asks me "how old I am" i say 15 and i'm not even allowed in clubs , both girls laugh, i follow that with "are they always trying seduce younger guys?" both girls crack laughing , i neg them before they even reply saying " you laugh too much, you better not laughing at my accent or you gonna get spanked" hb7.5 saying straight away"no we are not laughing at your accent , you are just so much fun, like a comedian" , i say "yes i am, how did you guess" hb7.5 goes "of really no way. how old are you really", i say "24" hb7.5 says "wow"(both girls still laughing nonstop) , i say "what the hell with the WOW" hb7.5 "you just look much younger" i say" its cold weather(+25), but i take as a compliment". Finally the guy puts his word in and says "go buy girls a drink" , girls look at me , i just say "i dont drink but if girls buying i wud make an exception" they still giggle , hb7,5 says"its ok we will pay for our own drinks" and they off to buy the drinks. While they away the guy continued to ask me questions , and he said that HB6 has a boyfriend(inside my head i go like , yes as im not after her) and hb7.5 is single and he tried to get in there but she seems not interested, i make a bet with him that once she is back i will close her . Girls are back, HB 6 goes to sit with a bf , what a luck i dont even need to isolate anymore. I continue talking with HB7.5 and at one stage she asks me if i still remember her name (fuck i dont , i didnt even try to memorise it), so i sit there and i say "should i lie" HB7.5 "you can try , i wanna see how gud liar are you" i say"no i dont rememeber , so its the truth... do u remember my name?" (usually girls dont as i tell them my russian name and they always reask me later) hb7.5 "yes i do its Snupas" i was impressed she rememebered so we talk for a little more about what she does and what she enjoys doing,we spoke about few books and so on and i go home as i'm bored and want to sleep.

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    Friday 05/08/2011
    broke up with my gf because another girl posted on my facebook wall "was nice seeing you last weekend, i had a really great time" shit i forgot to tell her about rules which are do not post on my wall. Anyway my ex-gf wanted to fight about it and i never fight i just said "if you dont trust me then fine i leave" and i turned around and left, we didnt talk after that.That happened in morning so I'm fully amped for the evening , Im single again no pressure and Im already arrange to meet two girls at the night club. As i enter the club and greet an owner i said lets go have a shot I feel like drinking (I dont usually drink but i came to have fun tonight so decided to actually get pretty drunk) , me and owner having 3rd shot of vodka in last 10 minutes , then i see a familiar girl coming towards us, oh yeah i know her , she is riding horses HB9.0 , hot body but a little young. Anyway owner buys us more shots , we do some cheap talk and the girl grabs my hand and leads me to the dance floor ... we dance for a while and i go back to the owner of the club to have few more shots.
    HB9.0 comes back to us with her gf HB9.5(portuguese , fine looking girl but such a arrogant bitch) . Any way I talk to HB9.0 and we agreed she takes me horse riding on Tuesday then we decided to go to the club next door. Girls go hit the stage and I stuck talking to italian girl i havent seen for a while(HB8.5 nice girl with nice personality , the only reason i didnt hit that before is one of my buddies was interested in her) . She says "hey you havent seen you for long, cheez you look like a pimp with that white jacket" Im without thinking much reply "so will you be my bitch for tonite" , surprisingly she says "yeah why not". we continue talking and then we go to the dance floor while we dance with her i notice tap on shoulder , turn around ..... and guess what? my another ex-gf stands behind me , she starts talking (simple convo such as havent seen you for long,how have you been and etc) not really interested in conversation and reply with short words "fine,interesting,tell me more" my body isnt even turned towards her , Italian girl leaves . What a bummer?" we exchange few more phrases and she introduces me to her friend which i just ignore any way after that i had no come back and I was pretty drunk and tired after long working day so i just go home.

    Saturday 06/08/2011
    No much happened beside it was my best friend bday and we had fun, no approaches as we very busy getting drunk and place was pretty empty but was a lot of fun with dancing and alcohol
    Thats pretty much it , this weekend was a bit boring, although Friday was fun . NB hate facebook , 3rd girl in past 4 month that im losing because of some stupid comment or photo

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    Friday 12/08/2011
    didnt do anything, didnt go anywhere, had trouble sleeping whole week so passed out as soon as i got home

    Saturday 13/08/2011
    Went to best friends bday he just came back from Russia, there was no potential as all of the people invited were close friends and all couples but it was such a fun bday time flew by and then we decided to go out. We did some drag racing to the club ,that was pretty hectic , 4 pretty drunk guys racing heavily , people were flashing us badly . We get to the club, i notice some of my friends they are having bday party as well. Go over there to say hello. While greeting see a girl that i should have f-closed long time ago but we play around with her like cat and mouse(when i was single she was in relationship, then she is single i went in relationship but i had no problem with cheating of course the blow was , i came to persian girls bday with gf and after that she went a bit cold on me and actually kissed my friend) . She is persian HB9 , stunning girl . So i decided to skip the introduction crap(how you been and etc) and I go into heavy kino straight away , she responds well.... i tease her ,for some reason i said to her that "she doesnt look sexy" (oh god she was) she punches me on hand and says im rude , and that she is always looking sexy. I go ok lets see...stand up . she stands up and says you see . I tell her "i havent seen anything yet and say to her turn around" . She turns around and i check her ass and say "that will do" with a smile. she turns to face me again and with a smile says " that will do what?" i go with my normal line "that for me to know for you to find out" . I start talking to her about "i havent seen her for long what she been up too" , she says "she is back to studying and that she hardly comes home" so i say " we need to do coffee soon, " she agrees and i give her my phone to put a number in . She says whats up with your bbm(i had her on bbm but i deleted it) , i say "my bbm isnt working" so she puts the number in and i tell her i will call once i have time. we continue chatting for little while but she has to go, its Ramadan so she had to go home early. we say good bye and off she goes. I tay for 30 more min but dont do any approaches too drunk, too lazy,too tired and off i went to sleep

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    You have a sick life bro.

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    Thank BnG , trying to keep myself busy

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    thought i will survive without BBM but it seems I'm f.cking addicted to that thing and all the contacts +i realised that i will lose some girls because of that as i dont have girls numbers so i installed back again yesterday . So ladies "Daddy's home" ;-) here goes my free time again

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Snupas View Post

    We exchange some stories , i told them how i went bugee jumping 2 weeks ago and how i like speed.

    Over all i was very pleased about screwing rugby guys, i just love doing that ....

    Haha slight language barrier made me LOL.

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