Jeremy Soul & Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop - Stockholm, July 2011
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    Jeremy Soul & Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop - Stockholm, July 2011

    Daytime gaming was explained in the bootcamp I attended and I was interrested in it at the same moment. I bought Jeremy's book, read it but wasn't encouraged enough to start approaching girls by day. So I decided to attend the workshop in Stockholm.

    The first impression of Jeremy and Nick was that they were extremly friendly. I entered the venue where the lessons were held and was surprised to meet two guys with a bright smile on their faces.

    Lessons were held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in a room close to the city. Jeremy and Nick split the lessons so that every instructor taught nearly half the time. Both instructors were very clear, their lecture were easy to follow. Although I read "daytime game" before I needed to hear the lessons to understand the substance of the book complete. Reading the book is a good start but hearing Jeremy and Nick communicates the stuff in whole.

    In-field training was from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and was absolut awesome. Just using a few phrases Jeremy and Nick told us helped to have most of the girls I approached respond in a friendly way. For me it was a surprise, who easy I could open all these girls I never dared to approach before! Another benefit was to see these both great guys showing their skills on the street. Their skills are really undescriptable!

    I'd like to thank this great guys for a fantastic and instructive weekend. Feels like I've never learned that much. And thanks Nick for pushing me in my first set-it was life-changing!

    I can highly recommend the workshop of Jeremy and Nick-I'm planning a follow-up with one of them to improve my doing.

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    Awesome to hear man... by the way, this Saturday I am attending the wedding of a client that I first taught three years ago (he's around your age too).

    Awesome things happen when you work hard, learn smart, and be good to good people. Stay in touch man, I hope to hear from you again.
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    You were a blast to work with man. I hope we cross paths in the future. Please keep in touch

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    Jeremy Soul & Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop - Stockholm, July 2011

    I'm on my way home from Stockholm, and I'm wearing a smile because I just had one of the most fun, challenging and exciting weekends of my life. I'm only left with one regret; Why didn't I do this until now?

    For me, an important factor before choosing to attend is that during the course of the weekend you get to put what you learned into real life interactions. That is how I learn the fastes, and I also need to see that the instructors are capable and can apply theyr teachings in the field.

    We started of with 4 hours theory before entering the field. I had confidence in the material and was amazed how much smoother it went applying the teachings from Soul & Nick rather than experimenting on my own back at home. The lose dots and unanswered questions started to connect and I started to see "the matrix".

    Soul really showed he is the real deal by demonstrating and opening girls with us during the whole day while giving tips and feedback. He also poured on with life enhancing advices from his extensive experience within social dynamics and other areas where he excells in life. And thats what I love about top-end instructors, theyr usually very competent and life-hungry guys whichs is quite inspiring to say the least.

    The 2nd day I got to experience more time with Nick and hes a total nice guy with an edge. Perfect combination. We had a guy with Aspergers-syndrome and I liked how patient and understanding he was twoards that student (I know I had to count to 10 a couple times ). Nick was also a total baller and I can understand he's choosen to work aside with the likes of Soul.

    If 1000 approaches will get you mastery, I'm happy that my 30 approaches in Stockholm gave me a many numbers, face adds, 2 dates and 1 lay in my hotel. I cant wait to see what the next 970 will do for my life using the methods and teaching from this workshop.

    It was a blast, thank you!


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    I wish I could have been there. Next time count me in!

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    I took the Daygame workshop which was part of the 10 day bootcamp. I mean that when I took the workshop I was working on the understanding of what is an interaction between a man and a woman and this helped me take the best of the workshop.
    This said, and about the workshop now, the theory has been enlightening for me. For inner game Jeremy Soul showed us the exact proportion of mothering and fathering you need to have in order to go through all the difficulties you can encounter. I learned how to push myself in a positive way towards rewarding goals instead of always blaming myself for what I do wrong. This is so important in order to be able to progress on the long term. Jeremy Soul has this incredible ability to give people the courage to go through any kind of difficulties. Even if you feel down to the point you want to abandon he just knows the 2 or 3 sentences to tell you to give you this positive energy you need to go and approach the next girl you see.

    His demos in seminar of how he delivers the opener made me really understand what opening means during the day and what kind of energy I have to display.

    What he explained to us about pushing the interaction forward and escalating was just great and it’s exactly what I have to implement in my game now. I’m sure that when I do that my game will reach the next level.

    The first part of the first infield session has been difficult for me. I could not really open. But I had a lot of feedback from all the coaches and I was beginning to understand what I was doing wrong. In the second part of this session I began to do a little better and Nick Hoss gave me feedback about my body language. Then I began to open girls one after the other (remember we were in Stockholm we’re speaking of hot girls here). Lonhart joined us and pushed me towards 2-sets and gave feedback which took my game to the next level. First time in my life I was going for 2-sets in the street but I could open a bunch of them. It has been such a jump in my comfort zone that I just can’t believe I can do that. Finally at the end of this first day I managed to fix the right amount of light touching for Daygame. With one of the last girls the feedback of Lonhart was that I had ran almost perfect game on her.

    The first part of the second Infield session has not been that good for me. This opening phase is really hard for me. I still opened girls but did too many mistakes. The second part was with Jeremy Soul. With him I really understood what an interaction during the day should be and why. Something really clicked in my head. Using his advices I could build very fast and solid connections with the girls. As an example: I speak to a girl in the street (5-10 minutes) and get a date. No text game, only to arrange where and when we meet. She arrives at the date and just puts herself into my arms before even saying hi. All this connection has been built in 5 minutes in the first interaction. It took me 24 hours to go from not opening any girl to this kind of experience. To tell how much this stuff can enhance our lives, when I was back home the same girl sent three texts in a row to say thank you.

    That shows enough how much I learned from these guys and how far they can make you progress. If you go to this workshop you will see yourself doing things you won’t even believe.

    I just add this paragraph (after the rest had been written) because yesterday I go for my 5 approaches and just get a very fast same day lay. This hot and adorable Russian girl was on her way to friends. I swept the girl off her feet by my opener then used a lot of kino I had learned during the whole bootcamp and after half an hour she was on fire. We went to her friends she took five minutes to tell them she wanted to stay with me and we came back home. What I understood here is that this is the quality of the interaction which really matters. The important thing is that I had been able to make this girl feel like a real woman. I didn’t count but she must have said thank you something like 10 times.

    Thank you guys. You bring happiness to people’s lives and you give us the tools to improve ourselves and give happiness to people around us. Thanks to your work and your teaching you give us the chance to avoid this life of regret Jeremy was talking about in his seminar and the chance to live magic moments. I will keep up the hard work for sure and build from where I am already. There are so many rewarding moments in perspective.

    All the best

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    Chris...same DAY lay?? that's awesome man!! good work, it's great to see how far you came along!!

    keep up the good work buddy

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    Wow dude, that is awesome!

    Congrats man, you were absolutely killing it opening larger sets on day 2 and I was really impressed with how willing you were to push yourself. Keep up the good work!!

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    Thanks guys your encouragements help me really a lot!! I'm working really hard these days but this game is so rewarding!!! There are really cool girls out there and meeting them using this kind of stuff is just pure happiness!!

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